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It was recently announced that Southwest Airlines is going to be taking people to Hawaii now! So exciting to know that people can go exotic places like this for affordable prices now. Simply put, this airline has changed the game and opened up the door for more people to go places they couldn’t have gone without their help (insert that will preach).

This made me think about how we should all be doing the same thing in our real lives. How we should be changing the game and opening doors for other people to go places they wouldn’t have the opportunity to go if not for our vision, hard work and support. And when I say help others, I’m not talking about your family, your peeps or your circle and the people you have a vested interest in looking out for. I’m talking about people that you don’t HAVE to do anything for. Those people you know who you have the potential to propel them into their purpose if you stepped up. The ones who would be so grateful and completely shocked and blown away by your generosity and care for them and the treasure that they are. The ones who you could possibly help push them into new dimensions and you could do it with absolutely no ulterior motive except to see them soar. You know there are some people out there like this waiting for you. It’s no secret that there are a lot of incredibly gifted people out there who need help getting to their destination right now. They have the skills, but no idea how to get access into the arenas they belong in. But you can help them, and the most logical people for you to help are those you see yourself in. They are the ones that remind you of you back when you needed someone with a kind heart and the resources you have to help them get off the ground. And now that you can do something to open the door and pave the way for someone else, today is the day you begin to think like Southwest Airlines and say, “I’m going to help open a door for someone to get there.”

It’s a blessing when people can go places because someone unselfishly gave of their time, talent, connections or money to make something big happen for them. This whole Hawaii door that Southwest opened is a big deal if you ask me! People will be able to see the beauty of an island that they couldn’t have afforded to get to before, but because someone was working behind the scenes and had a mind to help their passengers go there; now countless lives will be impacted as a result. This flight called life is all about doing this kind of stuff; actually changing the game and impacting the lives of others. Sadly, most people think their life is about storing up stuff and accumulating accolades for themselves. The saddest outcome of a life lived that way is an empty funeral. An empty funeral is the evidence of a life that helped open no doors for anyone but self. On the other hand, when you see a person leave this life who’s been inspirational and diligent about blessing other people, those funerals are jam packed with people who want to honor the life of someone who opened doors and changed lives!!!!

There are too many people who are out here living for self. Too many people on this flight who are overly satisfied and content with reaching their destination and living their best life alone. But I believe it’s about time for you and I to start looking for ways to genuinely and sincerely help other people! You can’t actually think you got where you are today just so you can sit back and sip margaritas and enjoy this journey in comfort and retreat. You are where you are today, with the wealth of knowledge, wisdom and resources you have so that you can help open some doors.

If you have contacts and know people who can help open doors for someone you know who’s extraordinarily talented; open up that door. Stop flattering people and pumping up their heads with words and applause; put your money where your mouth is. Roll up your sleeves and help them get to “Hawaii!” Whether “Hawaii” for them is having some professional business cards, or a website, a proper suit, shoes, transportation, a building, a loan or even introducing them to someone powerful in their field; if you can open the door do it. Stop telling people they’re going to blow up and actually support them. You can support them by being consistent in your presence when they need you or even by telling other people about them. Subscribe to their blog or YouTube page. You know this is a numbers game and a lot of super talented people are frustrated and struggling simply because their support system sucks. People say one thing and don’t show up in the ways that matter and are helpful. It’s not hard to help open doors for people. Even as a blogger, I hear how great my blogs are by a lot of people who don’t even follow my blog. LOL. 😬

Stop being so self absorbed and wrapped up in your plans all the time. Take some time each day to support the people and causes that you say you care about. There’s a popular quote that simply says “It’s a poor frog who doesn’t praise its own pond.” And this is true. Many people who are abundant in gifts and abilities are living in poverty because the people in their circle aren’t helping them when it comes to closed doors. Every well balanced, selfless, growing healthy person should be pouring into someone else’s life. And I’m in no way telling you to stop pursuing your destiny, but too much obsession with your dreams and plans is egotistical and narcissistic.

I’m sure as you’re reading this, you can think of at least one person that you can bless with help and tangible support in the month of March. Again, make sure it’s not your family. Hopefully you already help them enough and the help in most cases isn’t even appreciated or reciprocated; sadly it’s just expected. Help open a door for someone who will be overwhelmed that you thought of investing in them. Some of you can do something small, but I’m sure more of you can do something big. Think about it like this, if someone was going to open a door for you this month, would you want a big door or a little door? My advice to you is don’t give anyone anything that you wouldn’t be excited about yourself. Our mindset has to change to being investors and lenders rather than those always looking for a handout. Even if you say your money is funny today, I’m sure you have some time in your schedule you can offer someone until your money situation changes. You may not have millions today, but I’m sure there’s something you can do to help. Even if you can make calls, promote, show up, bring someone along,…help open a door.

Think bigger than you have been thinking as you go about your day. Think like a mogul who’s about to open a new door and take a lot of people to Hawaii!

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4 thoughts on “Southwest Is Flying To Hawaii now!

  1. Tiara Evans says:

    This truly blessed me ❤️ Confirmation 🙌🏽

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So glad this spoke to you! Keep soaring! You’re going places!


  2. Mitchell Waters says:

    Wow the insight on this post was powerful! . It really has me thinking 🤔 . Thanks for this post !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You got it! Excited to see the places you will go! Keep soaring!


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