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You probably think of a flight attendant or a stewardess to be a glorified waitress that’s hired only to make you happy, right? Your idea of the flight crew is probably that they are required to bring you blankets and earplugs, which by the way are used by many travelers and rarely ever cleaned. Yuck!

Back to my point.

Besides bringing you a soda or a beer, flight attendants have been trained to do a lot more than just make you happy on the flight! They have actually been through extensive training to help deal with all kinds of situations from security threats, putting out fires and even delivering babies if necessary. They aren’t there to answer your every beck and call or jump and make you happy all the time; especially when you consider there are hundreds of other people on this flight too.

Imagine what would happen if the flight attendants allowed themselves to be sucked into running back and forward the entire time trying meet every single person’s shallow request? My guess is the plane would never get off the ground (insert preach Pastor)!

This got me to thinking about how this is the reality when it comes to the flight called life we’re on. How there are so many of us who have taken on this “flight attendant” role and in our real lives we have literally taken it to the extreme or better yet we’ve gone overboard with it! Think about how in taking on this overwhelming endeavor we have forgotten that there are other aspects to us helping people get to the next point on their journey that have nothing to do with making everyone happy. Like how about making sure people are growing up and that could mean we stop doing everything for them so they can. What if we took into consideration that as parents, our real job is to assist with certain things, but the passenger aka child is really responsible for taking flight in their own life. Even when it comes to being a leader (and we’re all leaders) we are only required to share in a small part of helping those we lead to their destination. The real problem is we have basically become glorified people pleasers! People pleasers are often those who stress themselves out by taking on the load and the weight of responsibility that belongs to someone else. Sadly, people pleasers often appear to be nice on the outside, but usually inwardly are a ticking time bomb of frustration who eventually explode with resentment and bitterness directed at the people who could have gotten “whatever” they needed on their own.

But let’s be honest, who’s going to run around and figure their lives out for themselves when there is a perfectly gullible sucker aka people pleaser who will run and do it for them? The truth is, people pleasers are really the ones responsible when it comes to the way other people treat them. When it comes down to it, no one can mistreat you without your cooperation and consent. When anyone in their right mind realizes they’re being taken advantage of, the sensible response is to remove yourself from the equation. But the average harebrained people pleaser knows that they’re not being treated properly and will continue to allow the abuse to go on all the while they’re seething with frustration and deep seated anger that increases and intensifies everyday. If you find yourself somewhere in this story I want to encourage you to stop participating in this insanity today.

I encourage you to start loving yourself a little more today and put your foot down when it comes to how much you are going to do for ungrateful, irresponsible stagnant people. I want you to start today with being okay with anyone who wants to walk away from you because they can no longer manipulate or exploit you. The truth is anyone who is only in relationship with you for what they can benefit from you will make themselves known when you start using the word NO in your vocabulary. And yes, I know it’s going to be hard for you to do because you are a people pleaser and most of your identity is wrapped up in making people happy. But today is the day you stop living with that flight attendant mentality in your real life. I came today as your real life coach to remind you that it’s impossible to pour from an empty cup. Stop trying to give to others what you have neglected to give yourself first. You, my friend are here to do more than bring people sodas. Your purpose is to do more than bring people blankets to make sure they’re covered. When will someone actually go out of their way to cover you?

You’re here to do more than fetch things for rude, entitled people and see to it that they are comfortable and on their way. You have been equipped with so much more to offer and the sooner you realize it; the sooner everyone around you will. I coach people everyday who have lived most of their lives being stepped on and run over and sadly this has been done mostly by the people they have deep love for. This has got to change. You’ve got to stop loving people who treat you so bad. The bottom line is this, in order for you to get the respect you deserve and be valued for who you are; you must set some healthy boundaries! You’re here for more than what people can get from you. If your need to be needed is so deep that you always find yourself being the maid, the chauffeur, the chef, the credit line, errand boy or girl, or the one who’s always at someone else’s beck and call; you need to ask yourself why am I always playing this role?

There are some people who find themselves in messed up relationships and stay in them and then there are those who wake up and say not another day! Not another day will I allow my love and kindness to be mismanaged by trifling people with no conscience. There will always be people who stay in the same cycle of drama and toxic relationships. Just don’t let it be you. Some friends you have will always date the married man. Some will remain the perpetual side chick but that’s them, not you. Some will always be the one who consistently plays the family doormat. Unfortunately, some people love the attention and toxicity of playing dysfunctional parts. For some it will always be the same script different cast. But if you’re coachable and want to start enjoying this flight, I encourage you to continue to be the kind and loving person you are. But for God’s sake, don’t be a people pleaser! Especially when you’re going to end up snapping on someone who could have gotten up and did what they asked you to do for themselves! Help is one thing enabling is another. Flight attendants have a capacity to do more than make you happy. Tell someone today I’m no longer here solely to make you happy! I have so much more to offer!

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m so glad this spoke to you and grateful you took the time to leave a message! Keep soaring!

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