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Ever notice when traveling that the flight crew is always very serious about getting everyone seated for take off? They smile and greet people and go through the typical formalities when helping board each particular passenger for flight, but they have a motive and an intent that can’t be denied. They are there for business. They are serious about helping people to their destination. To no surprise, they don’t get paid on the ground, only when they’re in the air (insert that will preach). This made me think about the fact that even after they make sure every passenger is in their seat, not everyone flying will get to their actual destination at the same time. Some people will stop and have a layover, waiting on a connecting flight, while others will land right where they intended when they got on board!

This made me think the same is true in every setting we find ourselves in on this flight called life. From relationships, school, work, church, even down to the community council you have a seat on; the simple truth is, you can make people sit in their seat, but you can’t make them go anywhere (insert praise dance).

The reality is some people will walk into titles and positions and take on responsibility and even claim to be all in something, but once that thing begins to take off and move higher and ascend in purpose and focus; you will find out then that some never really enrolled in their heart and mind to actually going places with you; especially in the area of maturity, change and growth. This speaks to the fact that no one ever learned anything against their will.

If you find there are people, movements, institutions and organizations that you’re linked to and you can show up regularly and take a seat there ask yourself, am I really on board with where this flight is going? Am I on this for business or for pleasure?

This is what often separates the “men from the boys.” Let’s be honest with ourselves, there are only two types of passengers on every flight. Some are on board for fun, and some are there for business! And don’t get me wrong, the people that are going places in life certainly have a right to leisure and fun. I believe if you work hard you should play hard. But there’s a quote from the Bible that says there’s a season for everything and some of us are getting too old; too seasoned (LOL) to always want to play and never get down to business and see our lives in a place of order, prosperity and balance.

Some of us are too old to be doing some of the childish things we continue to do. Too old to be stressing over lessons we should have learned in our twenties. Too old to be enabling people or being enabled. So it amazes me how we can have more degrees than a thermometer and we can have a bunch of certifications, but never act like we have any sense. How we have impressive resumes and communication skills, but far from impressive lives to match. How can we constantly sit in classrooms, seminars and workshops and still never apply what we wrote in our notes? I’m still flabbergasted at how so many people can shout and say amen in church and still live in the seat of someone who’s not ready to make the changes in their own mindset to ascend and get beyond the same old unstable habits and patterns of living.

I’m here today as your real life coach and flight crew announcer to tell you it’s time to sit down and prepare for take off. And this time, I don’t want you to just go through the motions in your life and comply because I’m telling you to. At the end of the day, pretending to be ready for take off does you no good at all. You can fake your way through relationships and responsibilities and after a while you will find you’re no closer to where you want to be than you were when you first took off. The point is to get “there” and hopefully to enjoy the flight along the way.

So please sit down. Not because I’m telling you to. Not because you think it’s what other people expect of you or because you think it’s what they want to hear. This flight is your journey and it’s time you stop masquerading and acting as if you’re in cooperation and agreement with going somewhere you really don’t want to go. If you don’t want to be a leader, stop faking it. If you don’t want to be a world changer, no one is forcing you. You can sit on Facebook all day and watch Netflix all night, and if that’s what sincerely makes you happy; who am I to tell you otherwise? But if you actually want to grow, get on board with some people who will challenge you and you won’t revert back to infancy in the process. Get with some people who once they tell you about yourself you won’t go back to being a 12 year old and secretly resent them and hate them for trying to help you. If you are serious and truly want grow, attach yourself to some people you’ll respect. Attach to some people who don’t have to convince you and who you don’t mind being accountable to. If you want to grow, my suggestion is for you to get some friends and confidants who aren’t afraid to tell you when you’re being trifling. Get some people in your circle that will help you get closer to your destination. Attach to whatever represents purpose to you. And once you do that, commit to growing beyond yourself so you can help them go places.

By all means, if you want to hang out with people who are going nowhere, do it expeditiously. Please do what’s in your heart and commit to it. Own it. If you want to be a loser, say it. Don’t come around us winners and try to lower the vibration with your idolatry to your opinion and your warped thinking. If you want to stay in covenant with depression, wrong attitudes and resistance, knock yourself out.

The bottom line is, you can’t fly with eagles if you hang around with turkeys. Look around and ask yourself why am I here? Is it for business or for pleasure. The truth is business leads to pleasure.

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4 thoughts on “Business Leads To Pleasure

  1. Miriam says:

    “the simple truth is, you can make people sit in their seat, but you can’t make them go anywhere” Amen! Also liked “You can’t fly with Eagles hanging around Turkey’s.”
    Beautiful put!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy this post resonates with you! It’s because you’re elevating and going higher and higher!


  2. deeyva says:

    Go off Life Coach!

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