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When my daughter was around five years old, we traveled out of town and her bag got lost. It took a day or two for her to get her stuff back and she was not happy about this at all. Being so young she had all her dolls and important stuff in her bag, so we could understand completely why she was so anxious to reunite with her belongings. Since that day, whenever she gets on a plane she packs light. The reasoning behind her method of travel today is that she doesn’t want what’s important and valuable to her to get lost, so she keeps it close to her at all times. Can you blame her? After all, some people have proven to be careless when they’re handling what belongs to someone else. And that’s a whole different message.

Back to my point.

Ironically, this summer, my daughter who’s now 16 years old is leaving the country for an entire month and won’t be able to pack light this time. This time, she’ll have to let go of some of her worry and fear and check her bags before she can depart and take off. This time, she’s going to have to trust that everything she holds dear to her will not get lost along the way. This time, she’ll have to let go of her anxiety from the past and believe that not only will she get to her destination safely, but so will her bags. I realized that her whole situation was full of deep nuggets and inspiration that I could share with my real life nation. The message from my kid was so clear in that if you and I begin to take my daughter’s travel tips through life, we could actually improve the flight we’re on. That if we, like my daughter only carried as much as we had to; our journey would be much lighter and more carefree. Also, if we only carried what’s super important with us, it would actually save us a lot of energy, stress and pressure.

Think about all the nonsense we try to pack when we go on a trip. Think about all the stuff we take that we could get along without if we had just left it all behind. The same is true with all the unnecessary fear, worry, guilt, drama, people and baggage we travel with that keep us from being able to really enjoy the ride. There’s a lot of stuff we need to leave behind when we’re trying to take off and go places in life! If we applied the wisdom of my kid and we only carried extra baggage when we absolutely had to; think about much happier and at peace we would be. Think about how even if we had to check our bags for a long trip; how we could check them and not be so overly attached to them that we are pulling our hair out and on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The wisdom of my kid is simple; on this flight called life pack light. Pack light because at the end of the day, it’s only a bunch of material things. The truth is, much of what we give so much of our mental and emotional attention to in life is actually insignificant. The dolls and toys my daughter cared so deeply about back when she was five, mean nothing to her today. Isn’t that the same for you when it comes to what has you restless and uptight in your life right now? Can you just go ahead and admit that most of the things you were stressing about ten years ago are not even a big deal to you today?

The bottom line is, you can avoid luggage worries if you learn to pack light (insert runs around the church). Pack light on this flight called life, because the most weighty things are not materialistic items you pack in a bag. What I’ve found out in my 46 years of life is, the most significant things I travel with are the people who I love and carry close to my heart. They are the ones who no matter how far they travel, they stay in my prayers and in my thoughts. When it comes down to it, even if they lose my bags, I am grateful to look over and see the most precious things I travel with are not in the overhead bin above my head, but they are in the seat next to me. Even if they’re on their own journey far away from me today, I can pull on the memories of when they were near. And that makes me oh so happy way deep down on the inside of my heart.

My advice to you today is pack light when it comes to whatever you carry; knowing that what’s important and precious to you is going to make it to it’s expected destination!

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