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The plane took off and sitting in my seat next to the window, I could see everything. This seat was not a place I usually preferred to sit in. I usually liked to sit in an aisle seat. But this time, I sat next to the window so I could look out and see everything. I could see what was going on before we took off, and I could even see the way things changed as we took off and went higher and higher on this flight. Things that were once easily visible when we were on the ground looked completely different as we ascended up in the sky.

This made me think about how our perspective and outlook is the same way in real life. That when we look from a low place, we tend to see everything! Isn’t it amazing how we tend to view things differently when we move away from what has us stressed? I began to think about how elevation helps us change our viewpoint. I’ve found that the more I readjust my focus; whatever issues and circumstances that seemed to be gigantic, cease to intimidate me when I see them from a different vantage point.

When the problem is up close, right in my face; I am forced to live in constant fear of how big it appears to be. But when I distance myself from it and the anxiety associated with it; that’s when I gain a better sense of objectivity. I’ve learned that when I create some space between me and my problems, then I’m free to soar and experience my flight without worry and reservation.

My advice for you today is to look at what’s stressing you from a different angle. Look at what’s been challenging you like it’s not such a big deal and I guarantee you, it won’t be such a big deal anymore. That annoying neighbor you’ve been giving all that attention; see them as a tiny speck in the landscape of a humungous portrait. Stop giving so much time and attention to people who annoy you. They probably aren’t going to change and they’re probably not your assignment anyway. Focus on you and what you can do to change your reactions to them. I learned that in therapy. Look at that one financial challenge that’s taking up all your time from another state of mind. Instead of trying to pay the whole bill, call and make arrangements to pay what you can. It’s not that important of a priority than you’re making it. Do what you can to handle what seems insurmountable in your life and move on to enjoying the flight! I promise you, you’re moving closer to your destination and you may as well find ways to enjoy the ride instead of being upset and stressed all the time.

Change your perspective and see things like someone who’s going places; because you are! I just want you to enjoy the ride!

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2 thoughts on “Traveling from a different perspective

  1. Danielle Whitehead says:

    “Things look totally different as we ascend” sheesh I think I’ll take that one with me forever! Thanks for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My pleasure! Thanks for sharing your wonderful feedback too!


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