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I have an intense love for reading all things travel. And because the theme of my blog is GOING PLACES and I stay talking about travel and flying; this morning I read a fun fact that instantly sparked my blog post for today.

Here it is;

There is no such thing as a safe seat on an airplane. The FAA states that the differences are extremely minimal when it comes to mortality rates in the case of a plane crash. In front it is 38%, in the middle 39%, and in the back 32%.

This made me think about how many people love safe seats. Safe seats when they’re dating. Safe seats when they’re going into business partnerships. Safe seats when they’re joining a church or community group. Safe seats even when they say they’re in leadership positions. Why is it that no one wants to take the risk associated with being ALL IN and sitting wherever they’re needed? This got me to thinking that more people need to step up and realize that if you’re going to fly, you should at least have a backbone! I honestly think there are too many people who want to go places, but haven’t gotten to the place of maturity to understand flying is risky business and it’s not for cowards. Sure it’s scary when you let go and take off and you trust that the pilot is going to take you to your destination. There are just too many of us out there who are holding onto the insane and unreliable notion that you can be on board and soar with someone or something all while you’re still trying to play it safe. This is often the mentality taken on by people in many frustrated relationships, organizations, communities.

Many people have it in their head that they really want to take off and yet they’re not willing to step out and make any bold moves that express that desire to the people they’re flying with. Too many people are more determined to stay in a safe seat than they are willing to take any actual chances. Some of you reading this today are guilty of playing it safe. You play it safe and sure your intentions are good. But there’s a famous quote and I’m not sure who it’s by but it says “Most of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions.” Yikes!

This is why it is imperative that you move beyond this concept of playing it safe. Move to being the one who will actually venture beyond what you’ve seen from your mother or your father. Move to the place of taking all your good intentions and help visibly push whatever you’re connected to forward. You’ve been playing it safe for too long. At this point in your life you should be more afraid of not taking chances than you are of playing it safe the way you always have. Safe seats don’t protect you from the damage associated with a plane crash anyway. The truth is no one who gets on this flight can actually be sure of the outcome, especially based on where you sit!

There are no safe seats on this flight! The same is true when you try to sit in safe seats in relationships with people. Somewhere along the way you’ve fooled yourself into believing playing it safe and only putting a little in was going to keep you from going down. I guess you thought that would keep you from getting hurt. Unfortunately being half in and making flimsy commitments and sending mixed messages is the opposite of playing it safe. Can I be real with you and tell you that if the situation takes a nose dive, you will most likely suffer disaster too!

In businesses, churches, families; a lot of people try to play it safe only to find out there are no such thing as safe seats. Some people try to play it safe and push the pressure and weight of responsibility on someone else; not realizing when one suffers, everyone suffers. Wouldn’t it be better just to get on board and lose the mindset of a person who’s always half in? There’s a greater possibility that whatever you’re attached to will take off, succeed and soar when you finally stop playing it safe and commit to be ALL IN! So many people are literally going down because they got on board with something, but they never fully bought in. Look at where they sit! Sitting in the back. Sitting on the side. Sitting at a distance. Unable to sincerely communicate what’s on their heart and mind. Silent when they have so much they really want to say. And yes, it’s not easy to be ALL IN, but it’s harder to take this journey in indecision, always vacillating, and unsure just like doubting Thomas. This flight is already challenging enough. Who needs to be trying to go places with people who are shady and skeptical. When it comes to whatever you’re connected to, you’ve got to grow up and decide whether you are really all in or not.

Your success depends on your ability to dedicate yourself to something outside of yourself. Stop sabotaging this flight with your on the fence way of operating. When you decide to make an investment in seeing not just your vision take off, but seeing the vision of others fly as well; that’s when you will know you’re no longer playing it safe. This is the season where those who are going places are the ones who are not out here looking out solely for themselves. Sadly, too many people live in this dysfunctional self preservation mode, and there is a huge difference between being selfish and selfless. The motivation of a selfish person is to play it safe everywhere they go and to figure out what they can get out of every situation. These kinds of people are always looking for ways to benefit from what they’re attached to. Never concerned about the success of everyone around them. Selfish people will put as little effort in what they say they’re in as possible; and just in case what they said they were on board with doesn’t work out, they will happily walk away with minimal loss. They’ll leave having little to no regrets because they played it safe the entire time. But when it comes to a selfless person; they have a healthy and appropriate concern for the interest and cares of others. What kind of person are you?

This flight we are on called life is made up of all kinds of people. Wouldn’t it be much more fun and more of a pleasant journey if we would all work on sitting wherever we were needed the most. Not looking for the best seat or trying to find the safest seat. There’s a great quote by Muhammad Ali that says “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”

Let it not be said that we are not living our lives and not paying our rent (*insert speaks in tongues). Let’s be intentional about how we approach this flight we are on. Let’s take less time making sure we are looking out for our own personal survival and more time being a part of the overall success of whatever we attach ourselves to. Let’s be all in. The most miserable people alive are those who only look out for and care about themselves. These are the ones who are always looking for the safest seat on the plane.

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5 thoughts on “There Are No Safe Seats On This Flight

  1. Deyonna Grant says:

    Keeping it real! Thank you life coach for reminding me of the dangers of playing it safe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Honored to get to coach you Dr. Grant! It’s a beautiful to witness your incredible journey! You are definitely going places!!!


  2. Danielle Whitehead says:

    Wow! I have examine all areas & efforts and change things up. You’re right playing it safe is a cowardice trait. Thanks for sharing.


  3. mwaters18 says:

    There aren’t any benefits to playing it safe in life !. if the plane crashes everyone is affected even the people hiding far in the back so why do it? . Thank You for this informative post !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Keep moving closer to your true self! Get connected in honest relationships that will stretch you and challenge you to be better. Be authentic. Study authenticity and seek it in everything you do. It starts in you. You’re going places but you must have your identity in tact to travel! Thanks for reading the blog and commenting too.

      Liked by 1 person

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