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For most people who travel on a regular basis, at least once in their life they’ve had the privilege of flying business or first class. It’s cool for real, as my teenage daughter would say 😂. But don’t forget that the special seat you want is going to cost you (insert praise dance and faint). And while sitting in a special seat may afford you some added perks and privileges; it’s still just a seat.

On one of our most recent trips, we couldn’t help but notice this gentleman who was getting on the same flight as us. We watched him “carry on” as if he was God almighty simply because he was sitting in his special business class seat. He was so tickled with himself! It almost seemed like we were watching a reality show as he went through all these theatrics, showing off and trying to bring extra attention to himself. This man was repeatedly opening the overhead bin to display all of his Apple products and his designer accessories. Slowly removing his high end jacket and scarf and folding all of his belongings so meticulously. We watched him skillfully order a specialty cocktail and methodically pull out his wallet to display his American Express Card for all to see. Surely, this man was a “pill” (hard to swallow).

At one point, it was as if he was literally sticking his chest out with overwhelming pride and joy over how prestigious he felt he was. Without a doubt he wanted to let everyone know he was “important.” In all of his flaunting and flexing, I wonder did he forget that regardless of where he was sitting; it’s still just a seat. I wondered if he really thought all of his labels and gadgets, and his special seat is what made him great? It got me to thinking about him and other people like him on this flight called life; do they really think the seat and the things they have are making them special? And what about the rest of the people on the flight who didn’t have any of those things? Are they not special? It makes you wonder. What makes people feel such a sense of importance? And if you don’t have those things in your possession, do you cease to be important? I wonder did this man know that if the plane crashed, (the same one he was on with us and other people sitting in different seats) we would ALL probably die? Did he know that there was no special bubble that would come out and save just him all because he had a special seat? Did he know that no matter how great he thought he was, he would still suffer the same fate as the people sitting in the back of the plane? This man must have forgot that if a bomb blew up on the plane, his special seat wouldn’t save him. Why was he making such a spectacle over a seat?

This got me to thinking about how so many people do the same thing in real life over their “special seats.” Like really? Do you really think just because you get a certain job, title, car, house, bae, child, blessing; that makes it ok for you to start acting like you’re more than you should? I don’t think so. 👎🏼 In my life, I’ve learned that if you are fortunate enough to have any success; that it should make you even that more grateful. I’ve also learned that if you’re really more grateful, you should BE MORE HUMBLE. I would actually think that gratitude and humility are the proper responses to any good that comes our way, especially special seats. Many of the people I coach are doing some majorly impressive things, so I stress to them that they need to study humility. I tell the people I coach that they have got to learn to be more grateful and humble with every blessing that comes their way.

If we would all be honest, the blessings we have are not merely because of us. Lot’s of people have crummy things that have happened in their lives and they have not been lazy or irresponsible or trifling. They just ended up with not so special seats on this flight called life. And maybe you could pay for a special seat and they couldn’t. But where you sit doesn’t make you better than anyone.

For many people, life has simply just happened to them. And some of these same people have never sat in some of the special seats you and I have. So, when we are privileged enough to have something good happen in our lives, something that we know someone else observing our life hasn’t had the fortune to have; we don’t brag, boast, show off, strut around and tout about it. We respond by being grateful and humble.

The reality is, no matter how nice your house is, someone has one that’s bigger and better than yours (and they’re not posting it on social media). Someone, somewhere has some amazing news that they could tell everyone, but they’ve chosen to stay humble and celebrate with their real friends, not the ones on Facebook. No matter how great your spouse or kids are; someone has a family that is doing bigger things than yours. How you “fly” through life is your business. But sadly, there are some people who are determined to fly through life bragging and show boating. While others (like the people I coach) are determined to inspire, encourage and serve their way through this flight called life.

My hope for you today is that you celebrate the seat you’re in and the fact that you’re still going places! Celebrate the people around you, whether they’re sitting in front of you or behind you. Ultimately, where people sit isn’t really that important anyway. What matters is that we are all going somewhere! And even if you’re sitting in the back of the plane watching someone else “fly” in what appears to be a better seat; remember it’s still just a seat.

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5 thoughts on “Special Seats

  1. Danielle Whitehead says:

    There needs to be a cash ap link for these…. wow I’m in here yelling, thanks for sharing!! Keep’em coming.


    1. LOL 😂 You always bless your real life coach! I’m so happy this blog post spoke to you!!!


  2. Taylor Grant says:

    Great message! Humility is such an important characteristic. We need to emphasize the importance of it in a generation where the number of likes is based on how well you can brag about yourself or how good you look on social media; basically the opposite of humility lol. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks Attorney!!!! You are an incredible example of an exceptional life packaged in humility! Honored to be your real life coach and that this message spoke to you ♥️


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