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People can behave so badly. Especially when the plane lands and it’s time to get off and go. I see it happen over and over, that even before the doors of the plane open, there will be some people who will aggressively jump up out of their seat and start pushing their way to the aisle to get out like there’s a bomb on it we don’t know about. These people act as if they think they’re the only ones who want to get off the plane. To me it’s so “kindergarten” but we see this scenario play out on every flight. The people who insist that they are entitled to get off the plane before everyone else in front of them remind me of infants. And I often think about yelling out loud “Hey idiot! We all want to leave too!” You ever notice immature people make you want to go there too? Thank God I have more self control that I don’t always say what I think out loud. But sometimes I think to myself here we go again. It’s like by now you would think everyone flying had just a little home training; and maybe, just maybe they knew that it’s common courtesy for “grown ups” to WAIT YOUR TURN!

See, no matter how forceful, aggressive or pushy you are; unless you physically bow guard your way out the row (and I’ve seen this happen too) you are still going to have to let the people who are in front of you go first. And sadly this is so hard for people to do. Speaks to how childish so many people are today. A lot of people are getting old but not growing up. Lol 😂 But let’s say you are one of these super obnoxious people who think that the world revolves around them. Even after you do all of that pushing and line cutting, you’re still not really going anywhere until the pilot opens the doors of the plane for everyone to exit. What always makes me laugh is the simple reality that you are still going to have to meet us all (everyone you cut in the line) at the baggage claim terminal and have to wait your turn again. 😂 Some people can be in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond and still not understand this whole concept about waiting. And I don’t care who you think you are, you cannot continue to cut people off to get ahead in life (Insert church wave).

This got me to thinking how this reoccurring theme of character, wisdom, integrity, waiting and patience keeps coming up; especially for people who are really GOING PLACES in life. If you are going somewhere in your journey (and you are) you have to learn how to be a decent person as you travel with others. You have got to learn to show regard and compassion for other people on this journey.

Of course you can ultimately do whatever you want, but toxic behavior will adversely effect your life and the quality of this journey. Sure you can go ahead and be the obnoxious, narcissistic jerk who thinks they’re the only one who wants to get off the plane. But you know that we see you carrying on like a toddler. You can go ahead and handle yourself this way all through your life, but there will be consequences that go along with being “that” person. And the good news for you is you will even find other people like you who will join you in your foolery. But the rest of the people on the flight (with good sense) won’t like you and they sure won’t help you when you need help. And trust me, no matter how independent, great and wonderful you think you are; one day you’re going to need somebody to help you on this flight called life.

The other choice you have is to be the person who takes a chill pill (that means relax. I’m not advocating the use of drugs) and realizes we are ALL trying to get to our next destination. You can choose to be “that” respectful, self-controlled, mature person who waits until it’s their turn to go. Life would be so much better if people tried this alternative. If we learned to celebrate other people getting ahead, and stopped being so upset about people going before us. Life would just be better if we could all genuinely share the same aisle without butting one another. If we all just respected the fact that there are others ahead of us and it’s ok. We need to stop pretending as if we don’t see the people ahead of us. There are friends, family, and strangers on this flight with us. Some are behind us, but the truth is some are in front of us. Be ok with that, you’re a grown up. You’ll get there too, just relax.

I can’t stress it enough that you have got to work on your emotional IQ and grow up! Especially those of us who want to truly ascend and go higher on this journey called life. It’s time we make a better effort to show respect to the people traveling with us. We need to remember that it’s impossible to be truly as blessed as we could be when we dishonor the people on this journey with us. Race, gender, title, age, status,..none of these things make you superior to anyone else on this journey so treat people better. When we die we all become dirt.

I say to those who I coach that we should all treat people the way we want to be treated. That’s the golden rule isn’t it? We all learned these basic rules back in preschool didn’t we? It seems to me that too many travelers on this flight have forgotten basic manners and courtesy and common decency. It’s not that hard is it? I guarantee you that people who behave badly aren’t going far no matter how entitled, pushy, and aggressive they behave. As your real life coach, don’t let it be said of you that you don’t know how to treat the people you fly with. No job, promotion, relationship or opportunity is worth it if you’ve got to push your way over people and step on others to get there. Wait your turn and please don’t be rude to others when you finally get to the place you’ve been traveling to.

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2 thoughts on “Pushy People on The Plane

  1. angelarobinson2806 says:

    This really spoke to me tonight. You should have seen the rude rush to leave the office and beat the weather. Too many people rushing around and leaving havoc and hurt everywhere only to have regrets and apologies–just like people getting off a plane. Thanks for the reminder, we only have one life and moments to live it well and connect with people the right way and maybe reach back for someone getting trampled on. My 2 favorite parts: “If you are going somewhere in your journey (and you are) you have to learn how to be a decent person as you travel with others.” “We need to remember that it’s impossible to be truly as blessed as we could be when we dishonor the people on this journey with us.” Thanks coach.


    1. Ah! This made me smile! I enjoyed your feedback and the practical application you’re making! That’s where we begin to see the growth, when we take the lessons that speak to us and bring them to life! Honored to coach you! You are such an amazing person and you help make the journey life we are on a great one!


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