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Coming back home from our recent trip, we were super tired and hungry so we headed straight to baggage claim to get our luggage. And while everyone quickly collected their bags (including me) I noticed my husband and 2 other people who were empty handed and looking very disappointed.

Being the type A person he is, my husband is extremely particular about his things, so I wasn’t surprised when I saw him go into a major panic mode when his bags never showed up. He anxiously rushed straight over to the person in charge and asked them to please help him figure out what happened to his luggage. After a few clicks on the airline baggage tablet, the attendant told us that my husband’s luggage was in Las Vegas. “How,..We didn’t even go to Las Vegas!??” My husband complained. I gasped out loud and said “O no! Honey, if your luggage is in Las Vegas you’re never gonna get your things back!” My words seemed to intensify his worry and his facial expression became even more serious. Then with such a child like innocence he looked at me and asked why would I say something like that? I looked back at him and said “Because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!” 😂😂 Well it was funny to me, but my husband didn’t think so.

All jokes aside, I tried my best to reassure him that this happens all the time and I was sure that the airlines were going to straighten things out and make sure he got what belonged to him. I told him that he just had to be patient and wait. But as much as he heard what I was saying to him and as much as it made good sense, I could still tell it wasn’t changing the fact that he wanted what belonged to him without having to wait! He was anxiously waiting on a promise that his belongings were on the way.

How many times have we had to do the same in our own lives? There’s something out there that belongs to us; and we know it’s ours. Maybe it’s a promotion, a business, a relationship, a child, healing, a degree, a promise,…and we know it should be in our possession by now. But for some reason, just like my husband’s luggage, it’s held up in another state. Maybe the love of your life is in Las Vegas. Lol. Maybe your future home is somewhere out there in a queue and you’re getting tired of waiting.

As your real life coach, I’m here to tell you today it’s on the way; just BE PATIENT. The computer system is reading it’s on the way to you right now!! Consider this your reminder and what you needed to hear to keep you from becoming depressed and frustrated. What belongs to you is not lost! There was just a little mix up behind the scenes and it just hasn’t gotten to you yet. I need you to settle your spirit and just wait. Be patient and fix your face. Your belongings are being shipped directly to you. Your name is on it and even though you see other people picking up what belongs to them now; what’s yours is headed directly to you. Right now, it’s just held up in another state.

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One thought on “Las Vegas?

  1. Danielle Whitehead says:

    “What belongs to you is not lost!”
    (🏃🏽‍♀️Praise break) wow fixing my face right now thanks for sharing


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