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Such a sweet little couple. Both the husband and the wife were petite and quiet, with pretty caramel skin; neatly dressed. Had to be in their late 70’s shuffling along through pre-check. Not much conversation if any at all between the two of them. If I had to guess it looked to me like they’ve been together so long they could probably read each other’s minds. The chemistry they shared was adorable. She had what almost appeared to be this devilish smirk on her face. Like she was keeping the best kept secret ever. And then I didn’t see them again. That is until we boarded our flight and the little sweet old lady was right there, sitting in my seat. Unwilling to embarrass her and make her get up out of her seat I did what every person in my shoes would do, I went on and sat down in what I assumed to be her seat and said to myself if I have to move, then I’ll just move when I’m told.

Well not long after settling into the wrong seat, I ended up getting confronted by the person whose seat I was actually in. And come to find out, everyone in my section had done the same thing. We had all just let the little old lady sit in the wrong seat and said nothing. Even her husband was in the wrong seat too. He was sitting on the row behind her.

Apparently, this sweet little quiet couple had messed up an entire two whole rows on this flight by sitting in the wrong seat. Finally, the flight attendant came over and aggressively snatched the elderly woman’s ticket which read PRIORITY SEATING; Big as day! Our entire section gasped. One man said out loud “They’re sitting in coach with first class tickets?!!!”

Immediately that made me think about how many times so many people do the same thing. You’ve been given a better seat than the one you’re in, but you sit in a place you know you don’t belong. And oh the confusion it brings to you and so many others when you have PRIORITY SEATS and don’t sit in them!

My message for my real life coach class today is take your rightful seat!

Stop settling and compromising and giving the world a watered down version of who you are! Own it! You are a first class, priority passenger on this flight called life. You are important and should be treated as such. Never let ordinary, average minded passengers make you feel like you’re not worth what your ticket says! And make sure you aren’t the one putting yourself down first and foremost! I encourage you to even write down some good stuff about yourself today and repeat it as often as you need. Call it your boarding pass! The things that you say to yourself and about yourself on this journey are important! My favorite book in the whole wide world says something to the effect “as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” How you think about you will determine where you sit. What opportunities you take. What you consider yourself to be worthy of.

Rethink the things you’ve been thinking about yourself today and get up and sit where you belong! Stop letting your race, gender, financial status, education, or whatever it is keep you from taking this journey from your rightful seat! I’m gonna act as the flight attendant on this flight you’re on today, so consider this motivational message my way of grabbing your boarding pass and moving you up to your proper seat. PRIORITY! That’s what you are! You are a matter of great importance! I want you to say this about yourself and to yourself and to the people you hang out with until everyone believes it. Say it by way of your actions and your habits and the way you love yourself and demand that same love from others. I know you’re sitting in that seat you’re currently in, but I guarantee you there’s a better seat waiting for you. You just have to get up and take it. Make it your PRIORITY TODAY!

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4 thoughts on “Priority Seating

  1. Keith Johnson says:

    Love it. I’m claiming my PRIORITY boarding pass today!!!!


    1. Yessssssss! Moving to your rightful seat and making no apologies for it!


  2. angelarobinson2806 says:

    Enjoying getting these daily! powerful and hilarious. I caught the visual. I am not going to block me or anyone elses seat. Let’s all get seated so we can take off LOL. so encouraging my priority boarding pass is still available! Still smiling.


    1. I’m so happy that these messages have been a blessing to you Pastor A! Let’s move to our priority seats and prepare for takeoff! It’s going to be an incredible journey from here on!


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