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Sitting next to the crapper. That’s where he was sitting. A total of 6 hours and 23 minutes, and yet he stayed happy and pleasant the entire time. I watched him. And even when I fell asleep and woke back up, he was still sitting there all pleasant and unbothered. I watched this man in amazement, sit in a seat I would have surely fussed, cried and moaned about. I watched him sit there and enjoy the ride.

Think about how much more of a quality life he normally lives than the average person if he’s able to smile through a 6 hour 23 minute plane ride next to the toilet. He happily sat right across from the same toilet shared by at least 225 passengers on the plane. Yet he never seemed to change his attitude or expression. He just kept smiling.

This man who was seated next to the crapper had a perspective and mindset that was sure to teach me something. So I started to think what could I learn from him and pass on to the amazing people I coach?

1. Remember where you find yourself on this trip is not final. This man must have centered himself to remember he was going somewhere so amazing and so beautiful, that this little inconvenience wasn’t big enough to make him lose sight of the big picture. As you travel on this journey called life and find yourself close to less than ideal circumstances, don’t lose sight of the same truth; you’re not always going to be next to the crapper.

2. It’s a matter of your perspective. Keep a positive mindset and attitude. Consider yourself lucky to be so close to the restroom. Maybe, just maybe this man had a reason to be happy next to the toilet. Maybe he had IBS or a small bladder and needed to have easy access to the facilities. Maybe he has a fascination with public restrooms. Maybe he’s a plumber and the crapper essentially paid for his amazing trip. Maybe he considered this God’s way of “smiling” on him. Basically I’m saying you need to look for something to smile about wherever you find yourself today!

3. Remember people are watching you and you have the power to be a source of inspiration to others. This man didn’t know he was encouraging me by sitting there and smiling through it all. Smiling through the heavy traffic, unavoidable sounds, smells and distractions that come with sitting where he was sitting. This man was encouraging me and showing me that it is possible to have a less than favorable situation and yet still remain positive and pleasant.

This man sitting next to the crapper smiling the entire time had helped me get through this long flight with a better attitude than I planned on having sitting in my more than comfortable seat away from the crapper. He taught me a lesson I will never forget about perspective and having a right attitude. He showed me it’s just a part of the journey. And where you sit shouldn’t make you forget that.

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