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Another word for moody is unstable. Up in the air when flying, the pilot will often announce “buckle up we are heading into an unstable pocket and it may get a little bumpy. ” The reason for this turbulence is the air can be more unstable at lower altitudes (insert a tongue and praise dance right here for those who got it).

It got me to thinking this morning about how moody or in other words unstable people can be when you’re simply just trying to grow and go beyond the simple and elementary ways you’ve become used to. Moody people can create pockets of bumpiness and turbulence in your day that cause you unnecessary stress and discomfort trying to reach a higher altitude. You could just be trying to have a nice day, or go to work or the store or even to take a walk, and a moody person will turn that into a hostile situation.

And for people who are going up (evolving) like you, more than ever you need stable minded people around you, not people who are one minute hot the next minute cold. You’re reading this because you’re even becoming tired of dealing with this constant stress. It’s like a yo yo of emotions, and as your real life coach, I want you to consider that it could be that some of these moody unstable people in your life are not meant to go any further with you. Either that, or you need to demand that they stop with the theatrics and prepare to go beyond this infantile unstable level they’re on. Tell them they need to go beyond picking silly fights and making everything about them. Grow beyond having things their way and understand that going higher means we will reach places we have never gone before and that’s ok. Challenge these moody people in your life today to grow up and realize that their moodiness and instability is not helpful and is becoming a draining distraction on the flight of life you’re on.

Instability is the last thing you need as you take flight. Many of you are future moguls, doctors, lawyers, CEO’s and bosses. And the heights you will go to are meant to be traveled with people who don’t add drama and stress to your life. The pilot will often say when heading into unstable territory; buckle up!

Buckling up your seat belt means prepare for instability and moodiness, and the last thing you want to do is travel this journey called life with people who you have to constantly prepare for conflict with. The last thing you want to do is travel and have to stay seated and buckled up for the entire flight because you know it’s gonna be a bumpy ride with them on board. These people who will restrict you and limit you from being able to stretch. They restrict you from being the transparent you that you want to be. Their antics keep you from being real because they’re so fragile you don’t ever want to hurt their feelings, so you stay seated. You stay buckled up. They’ll limit you from sharing with others and making connections. They have insecurities that keep them buckled so they can’t stand for you to get up and move around. They’ll limit you from being who you were born to be. They can’t let you be who you are because if you really take off, (and you will) you might leave them.

The last thing you want to do as you take flight is stay stuck in your seat belt. Take flight and move beyond the unstable. Life is calling you. It’s time to live and you can’t possibly live freely in a seatbelt. Seatbelts are meant to keep you safe in case of an emergency. They are not meant to stay on at all times.

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