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Traveling will remind you that where you are and what you’re doing is not the only way it is! That while you’re sleeping, other people are up living. That when you think the day is over; somewhere someone is just getting up! (Some of you caught that) 😊

Where I am right now, we are on a different time zone than where I live. It’s Monday 11:50AM for me where I have traveled and 4:50PM for a lot of people I love back home. That means they have already experienced things in their day that haven’t come yet for me all because I’m in a different time zone.

This got me to thinking about how many of us are trying to stay on the same time as people who are not where we are. Imagine how crazy it would be for me to refuse to follow the time difference where I am in order to honor where I left. Too many people are doing that in real life. In other words, you’re not on the same page as some people you know but you keep trying to stay loyal to a relationship that’s experienced an obvious time distance. Conversation has changed. Interests has changed. Nothing is still on the same time zone for you. It’s Monday 11:50AM for you, but for them it’s Monday 4:50PM.

Face it, you’re just in a different time zone. Don’t force it. Enjoy where you are.

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