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Many people never travel anywhere on a plane because they are afraid to fly. Ironically, statistics tell us that more accidents happen on the ground than in the air (insert tears and tongues).

This got me to thinking about how much more could be achieved if you (and I) stopped being afraid to fly! We settle for things on the ground level when there is a destination waiting on us that will require us to elevate our minds. If you and I are ever going to get to the places we have been dreaming about, we must take a different course. Be honest, you know you’ve been playing it safe for way too long; settling for car rides when where you’re supposed to be going requires you to get on board and take off!

Once you stop allowing the fear of flying to keep you grounded you will begin to see things you’ve never imagined. Fear has been said to be false evidence appearing real and yet too many people have allowed anxiety and fear to keep them from ascending. It’s time for you to go beyond being afraid of the things your mother and father were afraid of. Go for what seems impossible and what if, just what if you actually succeed?

At this point what do you have to lose anyway!? Go for it! As your real life coach I’m here to tell you you can do this! I’m standing at the gate rooting for you! You got this! Elevate your thinking today! No more fear of flying!

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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