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If you’re frustrated and feeling some kind of way right now, try NOT to make this about anyone else. Through my extensive “people research” over the years I’ve discovered that whenever someone is in their own way, they try their best to make it about someone else. Often people blame their spouse, parents, children, boss or pastor but the real issue is deeper. Does this sound like you? Sure it would be easy to snap your fingers and demand everyone around you behave in a way that makes you comfortable. But what would you learn!? How would that improve you and your character. How would you become a better person? If you’re putting all this energy in trying to force everyone around you to change so they can make you comfortable, what happens when it comes to you becoming a better version of yourself? You ever thought the discomfort you’re experiencing is a signal that you need to GROW. HEAL. TRANSFORM.

Lasting transformation is almost impossible without discomfort. I know. Who wants to be uncomfortable? But if you’re going anywhere in life, you’re going to have be uncomfortable. You’ll be uncomfortable in a new position, learning a new skill, meeting a new person, standing on a different platform. Get used to being uncomfortable if you’re becoming a better person. It’s going to be hard for you to see the changes you want in your life being comfortable. Therefore, demanding everyone around you to “act accordingly” is a cop out. It’s a lame excuse for you to bypass your inner work. It’s an easy way to push the blame on others and make yourself a victim.

Why would you want to live your life in that posture, as a victim? You think that’s an easy way out of taking responsibility for your own success? Well,…It’s not. You know when you’re looking at yourself in the mirror lying and telling yourself you’re not disciplined or strong enough to do the things you need to do to curate the life you dream of, you know that’s a lie. You are strong. You are gifted. You are anointed. And be honest, maybe you’re just scared and being afraid is uncomfortable but it’s not a good excuse to give up. I see so many people making excuses for their mediocrity. Some create their own confusion while they’re going to therapy, counseling or even church while remaining close minded and stubborn to the wisdom that’s being poured out. Others hang out with family and friends who relate to their trauma so much instead of being challenged by people who have been courageous and disciplined enough to heal from what’s held them down. At the end of the day, you can claim to be “comfortable” and at “peace” but you know when you’re lying to yourself.

Much of mankind’s misery is the lies we tell ourselves! We say we can’t knowing we didn’t really try. We say we don’t know when knowledge is right at our fingertips with a smart phone or relationship resource. I encourage you to get out of your own way. When it comes to the life you want- create it. Stop waiting to be motivated. Be disciplined. Make choices that are in alignment with the life you want. And if you don’t, please stop trying to be mad at the truth tellers in your life. We are not your enemy. You are.


Copyright © 2022 Sherry Grant

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