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A lot of what we have been calling love is more like control, manipulation, bratty behavior, intolerance, passive aggressiveness, dominating someone else. That really makes me sad. To see how much of what we call love is abuse, neglect, needing to be superior over others,… What happened here? When did we stop treating people the way we want to be treated? When did we think that it was ok to take the unconditional love someone has for us and use it to terrorize another?

My heart breaks for those who don’t have access to counseling, mentorship, healthy community because when a person is in the trance called “love” that’s not actually pure and healthy love they actually develop a belief that love has to hurt.

I have news for you today, love feels like love. I don’t care what you heard. The person who loves you from a place of abundance will handle you like you’re the precious worthy person you are. Don’t settle for less.


Copyright © Sherry Grant 2022

One thought on “It’s not love if it’s destroying your mental health

  1. anhiem says:

    Always on point… thank you pastor

    Liked by 1 person

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