i'm not mad. i'm a writer.

Felt like blogging today!

There is an uprising of people who are becoming more and more clear about who they are. 💜And this is not easy in this day and time where groupthink and being part of the herd is encouraged more than self differentiation.

Those of us who have identified our struggles, and are intentionally working on healing from our trauma and codependency aren’t out here looking to be accepted and affirmed by the “elite” or the “pack.” We don’t need your permission to be. We are human beings. Not human doings. We don’t focus our lives around doing stuff to make ourselves worthy. We are not forcing our way into the circles of people others are pressed to be around.

This standing up for yourself and being yourself in a culture that wants to control your life; creates a problem for the egotistical people who consider themselves the DOOR. All too often, the people who feel like they’re anointed to accept others,…don’t accept themselves.

The people I’m finding myself more and more connected to are just normal people who aren’t trying to get on with a celebrity or network. They’re just regular people who are comfortable in their own skin and not worried about titles, numbers and popularity, but genuinely are out here trying to pour out what’s in them from an authentic and pure place.

I feel no connection to or desire to hang out with people who only care about an endorsement or being co-signed by a particular group, race or brand. I vibe with genuine people who aren’t impressed by the stuff most people are. I am attracted to real people and organic, empowering relationships! Feels so much better in those than the opposite. Conversation is different. Ain’t no competition here either. We are all cheering for each other! #sherapy #selfawareness #mindfulness #beyourself #authentic

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