i'm not mad. i'm a writer.

There’s enough drama going on. Please calm down. Don’t add to it. Stop being so extra. You’re too blessed to sit around stressing over trivial matters. It’s not your job to control people. Your life is enough for you to stay busy. You have yet to reach perfection so leave your family alone. Stop enabling and supporting them to be deadbeats and only do what you do from a place of pure motivation.

Most people are upset and resentful because they gave from a place of their deficiency. That’s the wrong type of motivation. Let whatever motivates you to do what you do come from a place of overflow. Make your motivation come from a place of love, instead of trying to make someone else love you. Don’t do what you do to make people loyal to you. These are all motivated from a place of manipulation and selfishness. That’s why you end up feeling duped. You did whatever your act of kindness trying to do business. Once you didn’t get what you think you deserved you got mad. Doesn’t that sound like you and how you approach relationship. Today is the day to only do what you do because you sincerely want to. Don’t show up because you want them to show up for you too. Unless you’re willing to communicate your intentions, don’t get mad when the other person doesn’t read your thoughts. It’s time you take off. Get off that level you’re on where you continue to use your powers so foolishly. Be patient. Patient with yourself, the people in your life. We are all in this together. I’m The Realest Life Coach and I approve this message.

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