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When you’re trying to go somewhere you can expect some people to be genuinely happy for you. Some people really do want you to take off in life. There are literally some people sitting around right now smiling from ear to ear and eager to see you win.

Even if it’s not your family and so called friends, there are some good people on this flight called life with you who sincerely want to see you go somewhere amazing. Insert happy tears. 😢😊 The challenge sometimes is focusing on these people and not being annoyed and distracted by the evil ones you expected to be in your corner who aren’t. Truth is, you don’t really find out who’s riding for you until you start driving. Could that be the reason why so many people never go anywhere great? Are some of us too afraid to deal with the cold facts? The harsh reality is hard to bear. The truth happens to be one of the toughest pills to swallow. Coming to grips with the reality that some people who call themselves close to you will be the very ones to sit back and watch you fight for your dreams. They’ll watch you go through it all and never help you. They’ll be the same ones who run and buy expensive tickets to see Beyonce and tell you that your prices are too high. It’s sobering when you see how many people really don’t want to see you become anything more than someone they can keep in their lives and on their level. If they wanted you to soar, they’d make it clear. But here you are wondering. Are they gonna show up for you? Will they push your idea? Will they ever share your products? Or are they just around to make sure you don’t become anything more than what they want you to be – accessible to them.

Now don’t tell me you don’t see the lack of support for your dreams. They’ll be the first to say their proud of you but never there for you. What in the world are you proud of? My resolve to keep going in spite of you hating and trying to discourage me? Bye Felecia! Don’t tell me you don’t see how unenthusiastic “they” are when you put your plans out there. And the stuff you’re doing is not average people stuff. In case no one told you lately, YOUR IDEAS AND PLANS ARE ENORMOUS! They’re huge. They’re phenomenal. Don’t let Felicia make your think otherwise. You funding your own dreams, that makes you a CEO and force! You’re a freakin financial investor! You’re not waiting for someone to show up and save you. You’re out here making things happen and if the people closest to you can’t support that and rally around you and celebrate you, they are nothing but a bunch of Felicia’s! There’s a popular saying that came out a while back that you should use the next time you find yourself around someone who’s phony when it comes to your advancement. Wave at them and say Bye Felecia. While they’re sitting around being all fake, remember you’re doing it! You’re actually making your goals a reality. That means you’re moving. You’re going somewhere great while Felecia is standing still. Don’t even waste your emotional energy on those kind of losers. Wave at them and take off. While they’re making their loaded, condescending remarks about what you’re working on, wave Bye to Felecia. She’s old news. She’s stuck in high school with that mentality she has and you’re on your way to greater. Your emotional IQ won’t even allow you to engage at her level anymore. You’re operating at a higher frequency. Leave her where she is. She’s still gossiping and being petty and passive aggressive while you’re out here speaking directly and honestly. This is not the time to waste your words on Felecia. Say Bye to Felicia! My real life coachable friends and I are going somewhere and we don’t have time for you and your shenanigans. Girl bye! Boy bye! We are taking off and you’re still trying to figure us out.

Copyright © Sherry Grant 2020

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