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Airlines are responsible for helping people travel to their desired destination. They are huge companies made up of a lot of people and departments that help the whole system run smoothly. If you wanted to discuss something about the ticket you just purchased, you wouldn’t go to the baggage claim department for that. If you wanted to speak with someone about how dissatisfied you were with the meal you ate on the plane, it certainly wouldn’t be the same people who run the airport or the parking at the airport.

The point I’m making is that many of you are doing this sort of thing as you travel through life and it’s ridiculous. You’re talking to the wrong people about your issues. One of the most baffling things to observe is a person talking to everyone except the very person they need to talk to when they’re upset. How does that make sense? How does that resolve anything? As a matter fact, let’s be honest and recognize that most of the people who operate this way don’t want to come to a healthy resolution. Instead they want to be right. Let’s be real, this is all about ego. Then it turns into an all out smear campaign against someone you’re offended with who most of the time doesn’t even know or care. Let’s call a spade a spade. If you’re really upset and want to see a situation settled and cleared up, the last thing you would do is jump to a bunch of conclusions and make awful accusations before you speak to the person you’re angry with. In the same way, you wouldn’t go talk to someone in a department who has nothing to do with your issue! Would you? Would that fix anything?

Much of the drama and confusion I see when it comes to the people I know who have the potential to go great places is simply a matter of maturity. Yep! I said it. It’s infantile behavior. This concept of going great places is a matter of having more than book smarts. You’re going to have to up your emotional IQ and learn how to speak to the people you need to speak to calmly, respectfully and directly. You’re going to have to open up your mouth and have difficult conversations without being rude and disrespectful. You’re going to have to get alone with yourself and confront the ratchet, abnormal, disgusting, duplicitous and condescending attitude you have before you can confront other people on their issues. It really is a character issue that’s keeping you from taking off. And if you can’t understand how dysfunctional it is to handle simple trivial situations different than the ways you currently do, you my friend are the main problem. Check your environment and the people who help you stay immature. People who don’t have the courage to tell you that you’re acting like a child and that this conversation needs to stop here. Even when you call a company with an issue, they’ll ask you a few questions to determine where your call needs to be directed. Some of you need people in your life who aren’t afraid to tell you “this conversation needs to be had with another department!” Tell these drama queens and chaotic kings who want to pull you into their mess, this needs to be a discussion between you and your mom and your dad. This conversation needs to be directed to your coworker Bob, not me. This conversation needs to be had with your sister or brother. Tell them they’re complaining to the wrong department.

If you’re ever going to enjoy this journey called life, you’ve got to stop allowing yourself to be the unofficial complaint department. If you’re not careful, you will get a reputation for being messy, untrustworthy and two faced. You will undoubtedly be considered part of the problem if you keep entertaining the issues of others that have nothing to do with you. Sitting around listening to a bunch of stupid opinions and emotional issues and you’re hardly the one qualified to give out the right revelation for these matters. But you’re drawn to stuff that you can relate to so that’s how you know this is above your pay grade. Some of you know you’re above your head entrenched in mess and if you don’t unlearn this unhealthy way of “being there for people,” you’re going to create an even bigger mess. You will look around and have you a bunch of negative people comfortable coming to you with garbage on a regular basis. My advice is simple; MIND YOUR BUSINESS. All that stuff you need to clean up in your own life, now you know you are dead wrong getting wrapped up in someone else’s drama. Work on yourself. Send them right over to another department. Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you need to be a open garbage can for them to dump on you. Most of the stuff we say when we’re upset is downright stupid anyway. It’s irrational and silly. That’s why you’ve got to learn where to take your complaints!

King David, the writer of many complaints aka psalms or songs in the Bible said “When my heart is overwhelmed lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” He was talking about The Lord! Whatever you consider to be higher than you, go there when you’re in a bad state. Don’t go low. Go high. Go to someone who is going to help you think better. Go to the doctor, therapist, teacher, preacher, counselor. Don’t go to people who are just as childish and carnal as you and expect Godly wisdom. I ask you to even consider making prayer the first place you go when you’re confused and upset. Before you got to social media and throw off your subliminal messages to the people you’re made at, talk to God. Before you go to people who love you who are hugely responsible for your emotional instability because they’re always the first to defend your mess, talk to God. And after you do that, maybe then you’ll have cooled down and have enough insight and sense not to ruin another good relationship. The right complaint department is more than able to handle your complaints.

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2 thoughts on “Complaint Department

  1. Danielle Waters says:

    Good stuff! Hold up let me redirect you call I am not “the unofficial complaint department” lol – my new script

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly! Thanks for sharing your hilarious feedback!


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