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There’s nothing like having support and encouragement around you. As a leader and someone responsible for vision, plans and inspiration; having support can literally make the difference in a person or movement taking off or crashing and burning. I am not saying a person or vision can’t soar without the assistance or support of outside forces, but the probability of something going somewhere great and it being enjoyable has a lot to do with the right people coming on board.

This is a reflective season for me where I’m evaluating my life and the people in it. I’m taking an honest assessment when it comes to the things I have leadership over and the “team” that’s working with me. Asking myself is this really a supportive team? Do the people assembled actually care and are they emotionally intelligent enough to partner with me in moving a vision forward? Do I get encouragement in return for the constant encouragement, hope and vision I give out? These are always end of year questions I have to ask myself before entering into a new year.

See, vision can be overwhelming. Ask any visionary and they’ll tell you, a vision is only as amazing as the people giving it legs. The legs or the support of a vision has to be intentional and purposeful. When it’s not, everything can become routine and dry and that can be exhausting. Especially when the visionary is trying to remain creative, organized, encouraged and focused. This is why the right support is so important. If the demands of moving a team and vision aren’t supported by people with a good attitude and maturity level that helps to keep it authentic and still fun and enjoyable, the trip will undoubtedly become a TRIP.

It occurred to me that I’m often super excited and focused on making things happen and then when some of the people who say they’re with me during different seasons but aren’t really with me, when they show up; the life and morale in the room lessens, enthusiasm dwindles and overall plans seem to shut down and lose steam. That is until I reset and make whatever necessary adjustments within my mind and spirit to push forward and remind myself this is my burden! This is my vision. This is my idea and dream and I’m responsible for it staying alive. That’s a powerful place to come to. Where I basically say that there are no negative, dry, uninspired people powerful enough to make me feel like giving up on me and my dreams and goals!

This is what I want to encourage you with today! The dreams and plans you have are worth being supported. And you shouldn’t have to beg people to come alongside you and work with you. As a matter of fact when they’re the right people, their motives will be pure and they will help you and not discourage you. Sometimes, we just have to see the heart of people when things are not complete yet. We need to see who respects us before we become a public success. We need to find out who really believes in and trust our vision before the world does. We need to see who claps for us before the crowds do and then we can truly move forward and appreciate the authentic team that’s really there to support us for real, for real.

Sadly, there are many people who will never be able to genuinely support or encourage someone else’s plans. Those are not your people. This is definitely not your dream team. This is a season of developing greater courage within when you have a wishy washy, indifferent, aloof group of people gathered around your hearts plans. While it may give you some sense of support having people present when you share your ideas, I’m learning that it’s better to have the right ones and not just settle for warm bodies there! I’d much rather have true people who support me than people filling up space with no life and no joy! My goal is to have people around me who leap with joy when they hear vision! That what’s in them comes to life when they connect with what’s in me!

Whether you’re a Christian or not, this story in the Bible is appropriate for this discussion. It’s when Mary, Jesus’ mother and Elizabeth the mother of John reunite. They are both expecting their sons at the same time. and when John’s mother greets Jesus’ mother; the baby John leaped in his mother’s womb! WOW! That’s the kind of team members I want! That we ignite and excite one another! I don’t want to always be the one encouraging and trying to bring hope and enthusiasm!!

This story got me excited because it’s basically showing that it’s possible for people to be happy for you and what’s going on in your life! That Elizabeth’s unborn son gets excited about Jesus before he even arrives! John would be one of the greatest supporters of Jesus later in life, but this is proof that he was always excited about him! Before he was even born he was jumping and clapping for him. That’s support! I’m learning to keep my plans or my ideas when they’re not fully together or developed to myself until I can find people like Elizabeth! You should do the same!

Don’t share your heart with people who don’t light up when you’re in their presence. This is not to be conceited or arrogant, but it’s whack to have to lessen your enthusiasm and passion because people around you don’t have any. Some people are only happy when it’s their plans or ideas. But when you find people who are sincerely happy for what’s going on with and in you, you found the right friends. They’re not supporting you from a half hearted posture. They’re as happy for you as they are for what’s inside of them! I make an effort to be that for many and I’m blessed to have support and be a support. How about you?

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  1. Danielle Waters says:

    there are no negative, dry, uninspired people powerful enough to make me feel like giving up on me and my dreams and goals!

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