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Most airlines or better yet successful companies welcome feedback from their customers. They want to know what people have to say about their experience flying with them, traveling with them, shopping with them. Not so they can hear nothing but happy reviews, but for the obvious reason – they want to see how they can IMPROVE. When was the last time you sat down and thought about the many ways you can improve your life? Well?!! When was it? Most people hate this kind of stuff because it requires work. You confronting your laziness, when was the last time you did that? You being real with yourself about how you’re really your worse enemy. See, only a delusional person would think they are so wonderful that they don’t need to keep making things better. It should be that we are always pushing ourselves to think better especially when it comes to our lives, our integrity and reputation. We should constantly be looking for ways to grow and become more excellent. The average person is looking for ways to do the least possible. To put forth the minimal effort in everything. Are you guilty of trying to slide and coast through life? If you can’t even admit it, there’s no use in you even reading anymore of this.

I’m sick of people claiming growth and they don’t want to try anything but eat sleep and play! It’s pitiful. When do you plan on getting serious about your goals? Unfortunately, we live in such a narcissistic culture today where people are quick to label feedback and criticism as hate. Stop calling everyone your hater! Most of the people you call haters don’t like you because you think you’re better than you are and they probably see how you could be something if you weren’t so full of yourself. It’s sad. No one can say anything to many people these days. Everyone is so fixed on claiming their independence and their right be stupid. I hope no one ever loves me enough to lie to me. I don’t want anyone feeling as if they have to sit back and watch me make a fool of myself and not speak up. Whether it’s uncomfortable or not, I want to know. Especially since I demand accountability from the people in my life. I don’t just welcome it, I open myself up to be challenged and critiqued on a regular basis. I need this information because I want to be able to handle MORE. I want to be trusted with more responsibility so I have to religiously evaluate my own way of thinking and living.

I am determined to see the results of a life well lived and I know it won’t happen with me taking a casual approach to my own elevation. I need everything in my life working at the maximum capacity if I ever plan on getting “there.” And trust me I do plan on making it to the place that matches my destiny!!!

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6 thoughts on “Improvement?

  1. Muriel Johnson says:

    My Lord. No Yes Women and No Yes Women do I need. I want to Soar. Bravo the Blog is Awesome

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  2. Angie says:

    WAO! Awesome 👏 word…

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  3. Danielle Waters says:

    On target emoji!

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