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Today I woke up late; on purpose. It was necessary. I had to do this for me. I was exhausted and so in need of a mental health day. So that’s what I did. I took some time for me. That’s why I titled this blog “No Flights Out This Morning.”

This has become an important way of life for me; deciding what I want and more importantly what I need and honoring my wants and needs. Not in a self sabotaging way, but with the utmost respect for what’s best for me and everyone around me. Shucks. Who would I be fooling? Running off of steam, burnt out and tired as a dog,… I would make the most miserable company and probably be very unproductive if I decided to ignore my body and mind. Who needs me showing up half alive? Partially functioning. Who needs me being physically present but checked out in every other way? No one! Get that out of your head that you need to keep on living like this! Like a robot. Stop faking your way through life, pretending to be all in your relationships when you’re not. Stop acting like you’re going somewhere when you’re not even emotionally present. You’ve got to prepare your life for a successful take off. That’s the only way you’re really going places!

Many of us are so used to trying to please other people that it’s easily possible to ignore yourself and forget that you’re a real person with needs and wants. Repeat after me; I AM A REAL PERSON. Now do me a favor and stop trying to be Superman! Take the cape off and do something for you! Do something that you want for a change. This is how you change the narrative. Your life will shift when you stop saying you know your worth and living your life in a way that demonstrates that to the world.

Don’t keep on a destructive path by caring for everyone except your own heart. You’ve got to be diligent when it comes to your life. If not, you’ll lose yourself trying to love everyone else. Today is the day for you to come home and do something you want. Today is the day that you make the decision to stop doing things you hate. Stop spending time with people you can’t stand. Just stop it. Be honest with yourself and cut the crap. If you keep living your life in this very fraudulent way you’re never going to enjoy this journey. The goal is authenticity. Who are you? If you could sum up yourself in three words what would you say? What do you enjoy? Who are the people you enjoy spending time with? I know these might seem like silly questions. But they aren’t. These are important questions because they’re about you! Incredible you. Creative you. Talented you! In case you forgot, you have something to offer the world, but if you’ve become consumed with things that aren’t helping you soar; you’re robbing us all of the gift you are.

This is your Monday Wake Up Call! It doesn’t matter if you woke up late. So what if you didn’t take off this morning. Maybe you needed to sleep in and rest up from all the things you’ve done to help other people. But today is a great day to start something that helps you get closer to your goals and dream destination. Ready. Set. Go!

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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