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Wanna know why most Airport agents are so grumpy? Because they spend all their time trying to help people take flight WHO DON’T WANT TO FOLLOW DIRECTIONS. (Insert churchy music!)

It’s like this whole life is a proverbial airport where people say they want to take flight and they say they want to grow and go to their next level yet every gate they get to, they do everything but cooperate with the instructions given for a successful take off. Then, after they miss their connections and end up stalled, they complain and cry and blame everyone for their lack of application when it comes to the directions they didn’t follow. I was talking to someone the other day who was “praying for me” because they felt concerned that I spend most of my time counseling people. They said they know that it takes a toll on me. I laughed and said to them “My realest life coachable friends aren’t the problem!” I went onto say “They encourage me because I see transformation in them. I see the growth in 80% of them. I see most of them genuinely doing the work necessary to break generational curses and heal broken mentalities.”

Sadly, it’s the “supposedly intelligent and together folk” who I teach and train who seem to be the most stagnant and stuck. Stuck talking about the same drama. Stuck in the same place in every area of their lives. No take off. No growth. It’s sorta depressing when you think about it. That people who think they’re so wonderful are really so pitiful. Ironically, the most bound people I know think they’ve already arrived and when you walk around this airport of life acting as if you’re already “there” who’s going to try and help you? No one in their right mind is going to waste time trying to convince a person who thinks they’re doing great that they aren’t? And if you think you’re doing so well, where else do you really need to go anyway? If you’re already smarter, more profound and wiser than everyone else and if your relationships and ways of handling life are already perfect and you’re living your best life; who are you going to listen to anyway? Who’s qualified to tell you anything?

The most conflicted people I know have this way of thinking that makes them the exception to doing anything more than what they’re doing. They think all of us who take classes, go to therapy, church, the gym, yoga, the library, museums,,on walks and trips are just being extra. And maybe we are. Maybe we are extra ready to go somewhere better than where we’ve been. Maybe we are extra excited about living free from the past and the hurt and the shame and bondage that have so many “together” people living their lives stuck at the airport. Maybe we are extra, but if it’s going to take being extra to unlearn some of the stuff that got us thinking some of the toxic ways we think- ok then! We own it! We are extra!

So yeah, we are going to keep being extra and continue to follow the instructions of other people even if they seem like ordinary airport workers. We are going to honor them and listen to them and respect them because we don’t have to highlight what’s wrong with other people and disqualify them from being able to help us take off in order to feel good about ourselves. That’s silly and not the right mentality to have anyway. We’re going places so we aren’t doing to do anything to hinder our progress so we’re ready to listen to people who have skills, information and training that we admit we don’t have. We will do whatever it takes at this point in our lives not to be stuck at the airport of life complaining about how broke we are; that is emotionally, spiritually and mentally! We are determined not to let anything stop us from getting to our next destination. Say what you want about us but we are going places and we have no problem cooperating with the people assigned to help us get there. Do you know the people who are assigned to help you get to your next level? How are you doing in honoring them along the way? Make it a priority to receive instructions from a posture of honor.

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2 thoughts on “Are you the problem?

  1. Muriel Johnson says:

    So simple to do well and follow instructions. It makes you feel good. Your attitude is soaring. But when you do not adhere to instructions you are defensive and trouble and scheming. Always a good Blog. Read it Everyone

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a good point. People who don’t know how to follow instructions are very defensive! Everything works better when we simply let go of our constant need to be in control and learn to be a good listener. Thanks for your feedback! Love it when my coachable readers talk back to me!!!!! 😘


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