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It takes a lot of courage to try and take off! Then to try and carry other people to great places,…it’s no joke. You’ve got to be mentally, spiritually and emotionally secure because people will test you! They will try your patience with their fickle ways and head issues. Being a leader is not for the faint of heart. Even a pilot has to come to the realization that his job is to take the aircraft to a specific place no matter how bumpy a ride it may be. A pilot is a leader who takes on the monumental responsibility of transporting passengers to their next destination.

It’s a lot of pressure and weight to carry other people places. Ironically, most of the people who get on board to take flight do so from a place of willingness: meaning no one forces them to step onto the plane. The only people on the plane without their approval are infants and children. Sadly, most of the adult infants I know on this flight called life are the ones who act like someone made them take flight. These big babies are the ones who are constantly complaining about jobs they applied for, spouses they selected and commitments they made! Somewhere along the way, they must have obviously forgotten no one forced them to be anywhere! So many people I know like this are the ones who made their decisions. They chose to be in the situations and relationships they’re in, yet they remain to be the main ones guilty of being non compliant, resistant and uncooperative; even combative when it comes to their own ascent. Why are you fighting against your own elevation? Did you forget you are the one who stepped on board this flight? I’m starting to notice that many of the very people who “follow” certain leadership, follow in a way that makes it difficult for a smooth experience for anyone.

This makes it clear that – Who’s around you and who’s down with you are clearly two different things! Seriously! I’m starting to see the difference in having people around you who bring negative energy versus people who come along side and help to encourage and breathe life into your vision and plans. There is a big difference. Let’s be honest, Leadership is difficult enough. Who needs unsupportive, off-putting patronage? Not anyone who wants to go somewhere great! Being a visionary committed to structuring, planning and coordinating the take off of a thing is hard enough. It’s a sad reality that many leaders are emotionally drained and mentally exhausted because the “helpers” are often very unhelpful. Some people equate support with presence. To be quite honest, just showing up and plopping down in a seat and being strange is not supportive. Don’t tell me you’re not sharp enough to know when your spirit is off! It’s crazy how people act as if they don’t know when they’re adding or subtracting from the life in a room. So many of these emotional vampires who arrive and are only good for draining the energy and vibe in a room and filling it with awkwardness get on my nerves. If there’s anything I can share with my real life coachable friends is remove the opportunity for these leeches of life to keep stealing your joy! It’s that simple. We are getting too old to keep explaining things to people when they know what they’re doing. For my coachable friends, press reset and do a self evaluation on what you bring and into the atmosphere.

There’s enough pressure and adversity a leader has to contend with. No one needs to keep trying to work with obnoxious people. Let karma and Jesus deal with them. If they don’t respect your leadership, let them go be great. You’re going places and you certainly shouldn’t have to fight with the weirdness, attitudes and lack of genuine support and enthusiasm from the people you’re committed to help go to another level. It’s a hard job and many don’t want to do what the average leader signs up to do. If you’ve concluded taking on a leadership role is not for you, that’s cool. Being honest with yourself is sooo important for your own ascent and for the health of whatever you’re connected to.

In the meantime, wherever you find yourself on this flight called life, don’t be difficult and please don’t continue to show up and be a jerk.

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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