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I’m late writing my blog today because I was taking some personal time off to read and relax. There I said it. It’s the truth. I went to the bookstore, ate a warm cinnamon roll with coffee and read a book. Sure, I could have eliminated this information from this article and never shared a word about my whereabouts with you, but I sincerely respect my coachable friends and believe accountability goes both ways. I think those of us who are really going places have got to learn how to be genuine when it comes to our accountability.

What I mean by that is, when a person is being up front and accountable without a hidden agenda, they are free and at liberty to say what they want. They have no problem being transparent and honest because they have nothing to hide. Majority of the most disingenuous people I know share information in a very allusive, indirect way. Made me shake my head and wonder how these kinds of people think they’ll ever truly take off in life. And please don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that you run around and tell everything and give more information than needed to everyone. I believe in discretion. I believe there should be some topics and circumstances that remain private; but to the people you’re traveling on this flight called life with, you need to have some level of answerability to. Why be in relationships with people you can’t be honest with? Why waste your time with people you have to remain cryptic and so mysterious with? How do ever intend to take a meaningful friendship, romantic relationship or even business partnership to the next level if you continue being so vague and mystical? People that are trying to go great places in life have to be open, honest, straightforward and upfront. There’s a serious lack of integrity working in someone who constantly evades having clear cut discussions with the people they’re flying with. Communication is sooo vital to healthy relationships. Show me a person who doesn’t want to discuss anything with the people they’re working with or living with, that’s a sneaky person who’s afraid to say what they’re really up to. Talking things out and being accountable is necessary in moving things along. It’s a part of being a grown up. When people want to end the conversation all abrupt, they’re normally cutting you off because they don’t want to address something. That’s a red flag. A person who doesn’t want to share anything of any substance on a matter is hiding something.

There’s even this prideful thing in many of us when it comes down to those days we decide to be unproductive where we don’t want to take responsibility for our lack of productivity either. See, you and I need people in our circle who we don’t have to pretend for. You need people who you can speak the truth to. People who you can say “Today was a lazy day. Today was a day that I slept in. Today was a day where I watched the whole season of “In The Dark” on Netflix in my Netflix pants.” Be real! Tell the truth.

After you come out with the truth as to why you didn’t go to work, church or wherever you were supposed to go; be prepared to be challenged by real friends who hold you accountable for having too many “couch potato days.” Get ready when you’re surrounded by bonafide friends who really want to see you soar in life to be told “Hey sis, you’re becoming too lax with your goals.” “Hey bro, you’re not reading as much as you used to. What happened to your plans to go back to school? What happened to your dreams of getting married and having a family?” “You’re taking too many selfies lately – what’s going on with you?” I’m serious you need some real friends. And when you get them don’t push us away!

You need friends who care enough about your destiny to tell you that some of the things you’re occupying your time and attention with are distracting you from your personal life goals and plans! I’m here today to call you to accountability. The same way my husband or my brother Keith will call me and say “HEY, I DIDN’T SEE YOUR BLOG TODAY! What’s going on?” I’m here to do that for you and say where’s your blog? Where’s your podcast? Where’s your book? I’m here to tell you to snap out of it. Whether it’s low morale, lack of inspiration, discouragement, depression, sadness or frustration; I’m here to interrupt your pity party and say get back on task! The world is waiting on you. The songs, the poetry, the scripts, the fashion designs, the recipes, the business,… GET BACK ON YOUR ASSIGNMENT! Sure, you need some “me time” sometimes, but too much “me time” will make you selfish and selfish people hardly ever help anyone get to their next destination in life!! See, this flight is not just about you, but it’s about the people you’re meant to inspire. There’s family, friends, younger people, older people, and even your social media connections that are watching you and the more time you spend not doing what you’re supposed to do, the less chance they have to get their act together. Don’t be selfish. You’re getting too old to keep thinking like that. Others are waiting in the wings for you to get moving! Make today the day you start heading toward your take off. I’m so glad I didn’t let today go without blogging. I needed to say this for someone. If it’s you, go!!! TAKE OFF! Now!

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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6 thoughts on “It’s never too late for you to take off!

  1. Rachel-Yvonne McIntosh says:

    this was so good!

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  2. Danielle Whitehead says:

    🎯so on point

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    1. Thanks Elder! ✈️✈️✈️


  3. Muriel Johnson says:

    Good morning. Good Blog.

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    1. GM MOM! Thank you 🙏🏽


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