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On the flight home last night there was a group of “sisters” all going on and on and on about how sad it was that they had to leave their other “sisters” behind. They ran off at the mouth for quite awhile about how some of their “poor sisters” should have went on and bought their plane tickets and left the same way that they did. Finally someone listening in got sick of it and said “EVERYONE CAN’T AFFORD TO LEAVE LIKE WE DID!” INSTEAD OF TALKING ABOUT HOW SAD IT IS THAT THEY’RE STILL THERE; WHY NOT PRAY FOR THEM!

Then one of the guilty snooty “sisters” sheepishly responded “WELL,.. WE ARE!”


I turned around and said “AMEN TO THAT!”

This whole exchange between these people on our airplane got me to thinking about how different the circumstances are for one person versus the next person; and how easy it is for us to lose our sense of compassion when we say things like “they should have done what we did.” Some of us are very judgy! Have we forgotten that everyone’s situation is different? Did these “sisters” on the airplane forget that even though they’re traveling on this flight called life with other people that they’re in relationship with, that not everyone has been handed the same set of cards? Ironically, these sorority sisters were only highlighting how casually we throw around these titles like sister, brother, family, friend. Isn’t it crazy how we call people family and then when they’re in crisis we leave them in devastating circumstances and say they should have done what we did?! Made me wonder are we really good actors on this flight called life, merely pretending as if we really care? You will never really know who your real brothers and sisters are until you’re stuck!

Honestly, think about it; when was the last time you knew someone was in a dire state of emergency and you were guilty of sending your stock “I’m praying for you” message or your favorite standard inspirational cliche? Is that what you would have wanted when you were stuck? Were you able to do more than just pray for them? Started my wheels to turning to want to ask my coachable friends – Are we really genuine good people when we call people family and close friends if we will sit back and leave them in devastation? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you can help everyone; but your family, your close friends???? You can’t help them in a state of emergency? And no, I’m not talking about those people who love drama. You can’t save someone who’s addicted to mess! Some people are so used to stupidity they don’t want to leave their madness. Don’t waste your time with the ones who refuse to leave their toxicity. They won’t walk away from drama even if you paid their fare to leave. If you’re a real one, you should be ready and willing to do something beyond beyond a bunch of hot air to assist those who you know who genuinely want to get away from disaster and trauma.

It’s truly painful to see people go through rough times and the very ones who are supposed to have their back are like these “sisters” on the plane – basically bragging that they made it out. It’s that “too bad so sad for you” attitude! Not the way real sisters and brothers deal with one another. At what point do we take responsibility for the condescending, snobbish way we patronize people when we see them stuck? Can’t we see how stone hearted it is when we sit back and watch our “brothers” and “sisters” brace for the worse while we take off to our desired destination? Or have we just become so fake in our society that we rattle off these affectionate names and exercise no real affection towards them? If there are people close to you and you’ve been watching them drown emotionally, mentally, financially, spiritually,…. shame on you. To my real life coachable friends DO BETTER!

Don’t sit around and talk about how sad it is to see people in their set of circumstances. That’s called gossip. Anyone who can gossip and discuss the lives of others is someone who’s not going anywhere great!! Periodt! Those who are going places actually help other people do the same. There’s a beautiful quote that capsulizes the whole theme of today’s message in this blog.

“You have two hands. One to help yourself, the other to help someone else.”

Help someone else. Don’t talk about them. Take your mouth off of people. If you can’t help them get out of the situation they’re in, then mind your business. Please work on you and sweep around your own front door. I’ve discovered my life is already complicated enough, so why would I waste my time trying to judge someone else’s life? If I can’t help you, I promise I won’t hurt you. Let’s go somewhere greater beyond discussing people and what they did and who they did it with. No one ever gained anything trying to make someone else look bad at the end of the day. Take some time out of your day and help someone in a tangible way. Be a real sister. That’s how you take off and get further on this flight called life!

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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