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My husband loves the extra leg room you get when you sit in the exit row. So without my consent he told them I would do whatever needed to be done to sit there. Lies! I basically had an attitude that I’m not doing anything for anyone if this plane goes down. I’ll admit it wasn’t a proud moment for me. But if you’ve ever sat in the exit row, you know that before that plane takes off, YOU HAVE GOT TO make a commitment to sit there for yourself. No longer could I blame it on my husband. I had to say where I stood. This is an entire word!

Made me contemplate this whole subject of commitment. Do we really intend on fulfilling our end of the agreements we make? Or are we just shucking and jiving our way through life saying what we need to say to get what we want? Made me ponder how so many people literally think they can fly in life without making any formal decision and taking responsibility for something outside of themselves. No one wants to serve anyone except themselves. This if you asked me is the opposite of growing up. To be self centered and only concerned about things that pertain to you and your well being is a sickness. Could I have been acting that way in my exit row seat? Made me feel all convicted to the point that I really did have to say a wholehearted yes when she asked for my commitment to sitting there. I said yes and by the time I said it out of my mouth I really meant it. I really meant that I would help if something happened. But I prayed really hard and believed it wouldn’t. But I meant what I said I would do because that’s the kind of person I am. If I can do it, I will. If I can’t, I’ll say that too.

Yet all around us on this flight called life we run into people who don’t mean what they say. They commit to things, but don’t have any intention of keeping their end of the bargain. These people are consumed with their own life and no one else. Sadly, these same folk will go ahead and bring lives into the world, join families and communities and bring their toxic thinking into something that’s based on the concept of service, helping others, sharing and being committed to one another.

No wonder this society is so messed up. Until we fix our ideas about belonging to something outside of self, we will remain thankless and unappreciative of every good thing that comes our way. Commitment is required for almost everything when you really think about it. The exit row is proof you can’t even have extra leg room without making a commitment. It’s crazy how many of us only sit there and say yes to assisting others because we don’t expect the plane to crash. Even though planes do crash, we don’t think we will have to make good on our yes. The same when it comes to marrying someone. Most people don’t have a problem with the commitment to better, but they are not at all the same when it comes to the part of the vows that bring up the possibility of the worse. Ha! We have no problem saying we’re all in when it comes to the richer part, but no one really wants to stay married to someone who’s poorer. The things we say yes to when we buy a house or a car, we don’t even know but we sign our lives away. Half of the paperwork we sign, we honestly don’t even have a clue about what we’ve agreed to. Most of us are just so amped up and excited about what we like and want. But that’s not what true commitment is. True commitment is even if the person I’m with doesn’t make me feel like I want them to make me feel, I’m still all in. I heard a quote that said something along the lines – Real commitment is sticking to the vows long after the feelings change.

This is something I want all my coachable friends to consider today – What are you really invested in and committed to and why?

Is there anything that you have truly committed yourself to that doesn’t benefit you? Is there anyone or anything that you give of your time and sincere love to that can’t love you back in the same way necessarily? Do you take care of a garden, a pet, a child, a non profit organization,…..ANYTHING that doesn’t support your ego and help you in some sort of tangible way? Are you committed to anything where you selflessly serve and you don’t have to throw it back up in their face for what you did for them later? Or does everything you commit to have to make you feel like you’re getting something back? If you can’t think of a thing you consistently do for someone else that’s not helping you to get to your next level, today is the day to do some serious inner work.

May I remind you that this life you are blessed to live is all about service. All the handbags, shoes, designer suits, cars, technology, houses, couches and rugs you acquire won’t fit into your grave. They won’t! You will die alone and if you can’t leave here happy with what you’ve left beyond material things, you are in a dangerous place! You ought to be leaving a legacy of service and giving. Generosity ought to be what you’re leaving behind and you can’t do that being self absorbed and egotistical. Hear me clearly – Don’t grow older and stay a child in your mindset. Get rid of the selfish mentality of the culture today where everything is done to show off and impress. There is nothing impressive about being stingy and self centered. The wise wealthy man doesn’t boast of his possessions and accomplishments! Wealth is not important in the grave. What is important when you leave here is how you lived? Who do you bless other than yourself on a regular? It’s a sad individual who feels the need to brag in the presence of those who are struggling through life! What’s that do for your self esteem when you make other people see how much you have? Does it make you feel better to show off when people around you are trying to keep a roof over their heads, lights on and food in their refrigerator? Does it make you feel better? A life lived on purpose is one lived to show generosity and kindness to others. Most attention seekers are getting the negative attention of Heaven. Heaven is observing how braggadocios and proud you are and that’s not a good impression to be making in front of such a great cloud of witnesses.

I hope today’s blog provokes us all to re-evaluate how we handle our success and to consider what our commitment should be to edifying our community versus boosting our already inflated egos. It’s pretty sad that most of the people who brag the most are the most insecure of them all. It’s time to grow up and be better stewards over what we have. There’s nothing like success to show how a person really thinks. Your prosperity will reveal how your heart and mind works. Do an inventory today on your heart and mindset. It’s not too late to get on track for a life that blesses others.

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1. the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.

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