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If you want to fly you have to give up the things that weigh you down. Simple right? Sounds so easy doesn’t it? Believe it or not, I coach and train people on a weekly basis who say they want to fly, but some of them are still in major denial. Some of them are saying they want one thing, while doing the complete opposite. It’s crazy. They actually believe they are going somewhere great, yet they are standing still. Their lives are stagnant and you know stagnant things stink. Some of these people who say they want to take off are slowly becoming bitter and frustrated; all the while they are the very ones who are holding themselves back from greatness. Would you even be able to admit that you’re the culprit if this is you? Would you ever actually admit that you’re the one who’s holding onto the very things that are keeping you from taking off in life?

Could it be that some of you are so devoted to things and people that you’re willing to sacrifice your own elevation to stay on the ground level with “them?” They say misery loves company and maybe it’s true. Could the company you’re keeping be the reason you’re not going anywhere? Are you actually going to continue to allow “them” to be the reason you never make it any higher in life!!? Say it ain’t so!!! It’s heartbreaking to watch people who have such great possibility within throw it all away because they are so committed to remaining loyal to people who aren’t going anywhere in life. Why would you give up your future for people who don’t have any goals or plans for success? You actually want to stay “down” with weirdos, sexual deviants, drug addicts and alcoholics? Oh, I guess that’s how you think you show your loyalty to family. FOE they say. Family over everything? Even over your own ascent? Family over you ever finding real love? Family over you ever becoming a functioning adult who’s not dependent upon their input regarding your life? Family over you ever having a savings account and money to fund your future? Family over you ever having a home that’s not full of squatters who never contribute to your refrigerator or mortgage? Nah fam! That’s crazy. You want to stay on the bottom level tending to people who are committed to staying crazy? To people who are stuck on stupid? You love the drama that much do you? That’s what you’re more committed to than your own destiny? Dead issues? You like that more than seeing your dreams manifest?! You would rather hang out with people who don’t want to grow up!!?

What happened to you? The you who used to have goals. What happened to the you who used to be hopeful and enthusiastic? You let those toxic people change you into this? See, if you’ve become okay with hanging out with a bunch of toxic people to the point now where you’ve accepted this as the norm; you’re not you anymore. The real you would have never put up with this mess before. Now you’re ok babysitting and supervising people who have no goals and ambitions in life? Now you waste hours of your time because you have to talk to these bottom feeders about stuff they should already know by now. They shouldn’t have to be told these things you’re wasting your breath telling them over and over again. How are you going to take off if you constantly have to monitor the mentally unstable? At the rate you’re going with them, do you think you’ll ever have the spiritual, mental and emotional stamina and strength to get started on your own life dreams.

On an airplane, you can’t carry anything on your lap unless it’s an infant. The same is true in life. If you’re trying to take off and yet you’re still determined to carry grown people on your lap; you’re going to continue to delay the flight. The plane won’t take off it you’re not willing to comply with the protocols for ascent. There is a protocol for those who are going somewhere. You can’t be delusional. You can’t make up special rules for the stupid and stubborn people in your life. Even if they have your last name, that doesn’t mean they’re your lifetime assignment. Unlearn that or stay weighed down. You can’t sit there and take up space and remain non compliant. You can’t take off determined to carry your adult children and nieces and nephews on your lap. You’ve got to get your mind right! Today is the day for you to make up your mind. Do you want to go somewhere great or do you want to sit around and coddle people who need to get their lives together!!? It takes a certain level of internal malevolence to know you’re the one holding up your own flight and do nothing to correct the problem.

If you have the support, counsel, wisdom and encouragement of people who you know genuinely want to see you do well, but you continue to resist making the necessary changes; you my friend are the problem! We can talk to you, preach to you, coach you and gather you all day long and nothing will ever change until you take the psychological locks off your mindset and do what you need to do. Stop funding foolishness. Stop babying grown ups. Get well! Because only a person with a deep seated illness will delay their own life to help other people remain immature. Stop helping people underachieve. Look at the wisdom of an eagle. She stirs her nest and then releases her eaglets and they rise to the occasion. No one in your life will ever rise to the occasion if you won’t courageously release them. Let them go. There’s a toxic mentality working in you when you insist on holding onto people and things that don’t belong to you. Your family doesn’t even belong to you. They are individuals who have their own lives and destiny’s. Let them fly!

The saddest part about this kind of obsessive behavior is the insatiable need for control of another person is probably the most wicked mentality a person can have. And then to call it love is even more demented. If you love someone; don’t weigh them down. Release them to think on their own, dream on their own, plan on their own, even fail on their own. The beauty of this is when you let them go, whenever they come back to you it will be because they wanted to. Let people come and go freely in your life. Not out of guilt or compulsion. Some of you are not in a relationship; you’re in a prison. If the people you say you love can’t make a move without your approval something is wrong. Weighing people down is never a good thing. It’s time you check your life to see what mindsets and attitudes are keeping you from going to your next level. After you examine your own life; there’s only one thing left to do. Fly! Soar! Go somewhere great! We are waiting to see you get to your destination sooner than later! Come and go freely! Who wants people around them because they have to be anyway? Not me. If they don’t want to be in my life, what’s the point of making them hang around? Let them go and watch them fly! Even if they don’t, I owe it to myself to be free to fly as high as I can, without anything weighing me down.

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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2 thoughts on “What’s Weighing You Down?

  1. deeyva says:

    Wow!! I just journaled about this very topic 👏🏾👏🏾 You brought this all the way home!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Dee! Confirmation and proof that great minds think alike! ✈️✈️✈️


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