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I’m so high. Yep! I am. The opposite of high is low and I am definitely not low. I’ll admit I’ve been low before, but never again. (Insert praise break) You will never catch me living low, thinking low, dreaming low. I refuse to engage in low level conversations or relationships. I can’t do it. Not since I experienced how it feels to stay high. Now that I’ve learned how to stay high on life I’m never coming down! Surely this high I’m on is not anything chemical. This high is not induced by alcohol, shopping, eating, sex or traveling. This high comes from within. It’s internal not based on anything external. It’s connected to me knowing who I am for real and realizing my life has great purpose. This high comes from a peace in knowing that I don’t have to accept anything from anyone that distracts me from my destiny. This is why I don’t tolerate foolishness from people. There’s no one who’s qualified to mistreat me or abuse me on this flight called life. NO ONE!

I’m not the sacrificial lamb for anyone. No one is entitled to cause me agony and pain, no matter what they’ve done for me. No one breathing on this earth has the right to cause me anxiety, stress, financial ruin, drama, heartbreak,… NO ONE GETS TO MAKE MY LIFE MISERABLE. That would just completely mess up my high. Nothing is allowed to interrupt this high on life I’m on.

See, this high I’m on can’t be disturbed by negativity and confusion. No one has the authority to make me feel guilty or ashamed for anything I’ve forgiven myself of in my past. This high is amazing. It makes me smile when nothing seems to be funny. It literally keeps me going. It keeps me encouraged, motivated and inspired. It keeps me from thinking low about myself ever. This high has given me the boldness to become my biggest cheerleader. I sincerely believe in me and all the gifting and uniqueness I bring to the earth. I no longer wait for anyone to give me permission to be authentically who I am. I don’t need anyone’s approval to speak my truth in love. I’m always high. It’s hard to believe I ever lived any other way. This high doesn’t allow me to ever stop pushing and believing in what may seem impossible to other people. This high gives me the freedom to support others without intimidation or jealousy! I celebrate others without ever feeling the need to compete with them. This high is constantly teaching me about myself. It’s teaching me that I’m born to mentor and train others. It’s revealing to me how different I am from the people who are determined to stay low in their mentality. I’m learning that the higher I elevate my mindset, the less I relate to some people and that’s ok. This high is teaching me that while I’m not better than anyone; I am a designers original and I just don’t have time to waste on dumb stuff anymore. I no longer care who wants to be my friend. I no longer look for validation from people who have proven they are not for me. This high is teaching me to be ok with people who don’t like me and I can still be cordial to them all thanks to this high. I literally no longer have time to focus my time on anything that’s not elevating me. I don’t care about superficial things. I don’t have the energy to put into fake connections with people interested in projecting false images. I’m too high. I’m too high to come down and engage in small talk with the disingenuous. This high has given me greater discernment and I’m fine walking away from people who disturb my spirit. I’m not interested in relationships with people who care about trivial stuff. I’m more concerned about maintaining this high. People who love to complain and talk about their issues take me down from my high. I can’t do them anymore. I would advise my coachable friends to avoid shallow people like the plague or you will risk allowing them to kill your natural high.

The sad reality is, some people would rather look like they’re living good than actually live good. These are the ones who are clearly addicted to staying low. But me, I’m too high to let those people bring me down. The ones who are going in debt trying hard to impress people; I can’t entertain them anymore. I’m too high on peace. I get high on being in the presence of genuine people. Shady people and those who pretend to be nice but are really mean and rude; they ruin my high.

If you’re going somewhere great; make sure you stay high. Start becoming more aware of what makes you ascend mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If you’ve got to be at a bar, popping pills, smoking weed, twerking and being ratchet; you may actually be addicted to getting high. There are even people who are addicted to experiences and the only way they feel good is when they’re engaged in doing things that give them an adrenaline rush or going somewhere that makes them feel high. These same people unfortunately are super sad and depressed when they aren’t doing whatever makes them high. There’s a time and place for everything; but a person who’s truly high on life isn’t addicted to anything and doesn’t have to look outside of themselves to find joy and peace. We can get high off of peace and quiet, reading a book, saving our money, staying home, spending time sitting on the deck,… You get my drift? It’s not about stuff and being busy. It’s about finding joy within.

My heart is that you would get high on being who you were created to be. That you would find enjoyment in whatever your gift or purpose is on this earth. That you would know what your purpose is. That you would find genuine relationships that help you become more and more comfortable in your own skin and you would never have to depend on anyone or anything for contentment another day. That whatever and whoever comes into your life is just an added bonus to your high. But with or without anyone else; you are still flying high! I hope you go where you dream of going. But just in case you don’t get the dream relationship, the dream job, the dream family,… I pray you find a high within that keeps you soaring on this flight called life anyway.

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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6 thoughts on “Flying High! I’m so high!

  1. Danielle Whitehead says:

    On time! Thanks for sharing

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    1. Thanks for taking the time to read this article and share your feedback


  2. Vihani says:

    This is lovely!

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read this article and leave such a “lovely” comment Vihani!


  3. Dr. Anita Leach says:

    Thanks for sharing! Great blog! Blessings!

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    1. Thank you for your encouragement Dr. Anita! I’m super happy you enjoyed this read!!!!


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