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No matter how many times you fly on a plane; you still aren’t going to be equipped to do what the pilot can do. Right? Not unless you make the same effort the pilot made to become who they are and do what they do. See you can try to get as close to them as you want; but you will still be without the skills necessary to take flight.

It never ceases to amaze me the way some people’s minds operate though. Some people will attach themselves to you on this flight called life with a motive to copy what you do; then get frustrated when they don’t ever take off. Sad to say, some people aren’t connected to you for the right reasons. As I sat and listened to the birds chirping this morning, I wanted to share with you some professional advice as you get closer to your purpose. Whatever you do, don’t be sidetracked or disappointed by people who try to use your wings to go somewhere great. After observing some people who come around me and even listening to the things they have the nerve to say out of their own mouths; I’m truly convinced that some people aren’t genuinely around to be a support. How do I know? Well, it’s because they won’t support you. They’ll have a zillion opportunities to do something to help move things along in support of you, but they won’t. They’ll just watch you. They’ll watch you lose. They’ll watch you win. They’ll watch you laugh. They’ll watch you cry. The truth is these spectators only stick around you to see how you do what you do. Super annoying right? Yep!

So how do you handle these aggravating opportunists? How do you handle the person who poses as a supporter all the while they’re nothing more than a leech attached to you to try to suck as much inspiration and creativity out of you for them to later turn around and try to mimic you? I know, the first thought is to become indignant. The audacity of some people when you actually find out that many of the onlookers in your life don’t sincerely care about you and what you’re doing as far as your vision or life mission. They only hang around you because they want to learn how to fly like you do!

How do you handle it; knowing that most of your so called followers are only using your victories and failures as a template for them to get to their destination? Sobering isn’t it? To think that most of the “clappers” around you are just admirers who come along to take what took you years to master to help them get ahead. Well, after you process the truth; keep going.

1. Place people in their proper place in your heart and in your head.

2. Don’t confuse temporary people aka the users with lifelong friends. Some of these people will only stick around as long as it serves them. Too many times I’ve made the huge mistake in letting bloodsuckers get too close to me and that’s never a good lesson to learn.

3. I’m to a place in my life where I understand people better; and if these parasitic people want to learn from me professionally that they must come correct. They need to know my wisdom is not coming at a bargain price. That what I have to offer will not be generously shared with you like this is some kind of homeboy hook up.

4. I’m learning to teach people that my insight is not going to be handed out at a discount rate. You cannot benefit from my anointing by giving me a little bit here and there. You can’t go to anywhere you respect and offer them a payment plan on this flight called life.

Unfortunately, people have the gall to walk up to the creatively gifted and try to bargain with them to take flight off their wings. No ma’am. No sir! If people attached to you want what took you years to learn; they have to pay full price. They have to respect you as the professional they want to glean from. I am not one bit emotional about users and self seekers when I’m being compensated for my wisdom. At the end of the day don’t let these kind of people drain you. Don’t you dare let these manipulative individuals take up too much of your mental energy. You have to preserve your creativity and wisdom on this flight for what you’re actually here to do! You’re going somewhere great and the closer you get to your destination you need to be on the look out for people who have their own personal agenda and keep in mind not everyone has a heart like you. Guard your heart above all else; because you’re going places. A person who is going far in life will attract all kinds of people. Many are simply attracted to you for the wrong reasons. There I said it. Half these people smiling in your face are not your friends. They just want something. You’ve just got to become discerning enough to place appropriate professional boundaries around these imitators who want to sit all up in your face and never really invest in you.

Lastly, make sure you’re not making more deposits into people who refuse to make any investments into your life. You need fuel to make it to your next level and you definitely shouldn’t have to carry dead weight when you’re headed somewhere great in life!

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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2 thoughts on “Some People Only Hang Around You So They Can Learn How To Fly Like You

  1. Danielle Whitehead says:

    I’m late but this was so on time for me 😢 thanks for sharing! “1. Place people in their proper place in your HEART and in your HEAD”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So glad this article spoke to you! I felt that part too!


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