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My son is “taking off” today.

Literally! He’s going places. It’s that time for him to go to a new level in life and I’m so proud. He’s getting his Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. As we sat waiting for the ceremony to start, I couldn’t help but notice how me, my husband and family are surrounded by many other people who are here to celebrate their children do the same thing. This made me think how important it is to be surrounded by people who encourage and support you on this flight called life. I began to think how hard it is to get to the next level for anyone in this culture we are in; even having love and help from the people in your life, it’s still not easy.

So my challenge today is look around and make sure you’re surrounded by people who are there for you with genuine support. Like really! Not fake support. And let’s be honest; you know when people are sincere about being there for you versus that phony obligation. I don’t want anyone doing me a favor by being there for me. You shouldn’t either. Get a certified support system so that you can really go somewhere.

For years I allowed myself to be deceived by the sugary words of false supporters. People would come around and tell me good things in private. They’d say how much they loved my work, how I really needed to do bigger things and then whenever I did them they were nowhere to be found. Eventually, it became evident to me that I had placed people in my life who didn’t want to see me go places. If that’s where you are today, I’m sure this article is speaking to your core. Your whole life can take off if you have the right support. Isn’t it time you get in position to go somewhere beyond frustration and aggravation. I’ve found that there are some people who get a kick out of you being broke. They love hearing your sad stories of almost making it to the next stage and never really getting there. These people don’t want to see you graduate; yet there is a remnant who wants to see you win. There are people who are eager to scream your name when you walk the stage. It’s time you get “there” and take off to your next level!! I want to see you WALK to your desired destination on this flight called life.

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4 thoughts on “My Drew is Taking Off!

  1. Keith Johnson says:

    Awesome Drew!!!! Super excited for all the places he is going!!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. He probably wouldn’t be as far as he is in life if you weren’t such an integral part! Thanks for always surrounding him with your love and tangible support!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Drew Grant says:

    Thanks for being one of the main people eager to celebrate me walking the stage! ❤️ We did it!

    Liked by 1 person

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