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My husband and I have regular talks about where we are going as a couple, as leaders in our family, in our community, even personally. We talk about the plans and goals we have and how we will get there. All the while, we never stop doing whatever we can to elevate our mentality and our lives along the way. No one ever got somewhere great without making plans to get there.

Unfortunately, there are people who sit around with their loved ones and friends and talk about their plans to never go anywhere. They have a language that they speak regularly to remind them of how bad things are and how hard it will be to get “there.” Saying things like “the struggle is real” “It’s always something” “Life is so hard.” Some people love to make these negative confessions on a daily basis and then act surprised why their lives are so bad. You literally can speak your yourself into better or worse.

See, you can want to go somewhere great all day long, but until you develop habits that lead to success and a mindset of greatness; you’ll continue to end up stuck right where you are. Look at how far you’ve gotten in the past year. No really look and assess. Have you made any strides to get anywhere beyond excuse making? I’m convinced that there are people who plan to do nothing more than go to work, school, home and repeat the same thing over and over and over. Nothing more. Nothing less. To only live your life in the same cycles and circles should make you dizzy! Don’t you ever do anything that stretches your imagination beyond doing the same old stuff? When was the last time you planned something that made you excited? Is there anything you’re doing today that excites you and that’s actually helping you go somewhere great in life? See, too many people are only excited by low level talk, doing drugs, taking shots, shopping, partying, getting laid,… How are any of these things helping you get any further in your life?! Some people sit around complaining about their problems, not realizing they are the ones who created them. Then you have those who constantly moan about how boring and mundane their life is like they aren’t the one who are responsible for setting their agenda.

Even though you know what you like and don’t like at this point in life; what if I told you that there’s a whole world of opportunity and goo gabs of people out there who have the substance you need to see your life change. That you broadening your mind to experience new things on this flight might be the way you find new things that elevate you and bring you joy. But you’ll never know until you step out and try something new. Don’t you want to improve your journey? Doing so, you’re sure to meet to new people. And yes, I know the ones you know now are great; but if they’re stagnant, complacent and not growing you could be surrounded by a bunch of friends who are just like you. If you have four friends that are boring, you’re probably the fifth one. LOL

Our relationships reveal a lot about us. If the people you hang out with are going places you should be going places too. No, you shouldn’t be competing with them or trying to keep up with them; but you should genuinely be motivated to pursue your purpose because you see them going places. They should inspire you. Look up the word inspire for more understanding. Anyone around you who’s not moving to the next level should be uncomfortable around you if you’re going somewhere great. My advice is: Plan to get better everyday in every way. If you’re honest with yourself you know you can stand to improve in one way or another. I encourage you to do just that. Improve! Elevate! Soar! When you begin to soar, others will take notice. There is something about people who plan for success. They actually end up becoming successful (insert churchy “well!”). On the other hand, if you live your life letting people distract you and pull you away from your focus, you will be sorry to see your plans interrupted by a bunch of losers and their constant nonsense. You may even think people are “with” you, but watch what happens when you start doing big things and thinking bigger. Those who liked to be around you when you weren’t as focused as you are now will begin to pull away. Believe it or not, your growth will offend some people because you will be seen doing more than they’re willing to do to take off in their own lives. O well! Too bad for them.

I’m seriously convinced that some people just love to talk about taking off, but they’re just bluffing. If they really wanted to take off they would, but too often they just want to stay on the ground in life. Taking off takes guts and courage. It’s not for the passive and cowardly. Anyone who’s committed to going somewhere great has it mapped out and planned. It’s called being a visionary. Can I ask you a question? What’s your vision for your life? You should have an answer in great detail by now. If not, get to working on one today. You don’t get to amazing places in life without making an investment to get there. And you won’t get there at brunch and happy hour everyday. I know you’ve convinced yourself you’re networking but you’re also becoming an alcoholic and that’s not going to take you far. You won’t get anywhere great addicted to anything. You won’t get there trying to be like one of the Housewives of Atlanta. You won’t get there broke, wearing all your money on your back and feet. Some people have invested more money in their wardrobe than their future. Glad you’re outfit is nice but sad to see that your future is bankrupt. Stop the foolery. Be wise. Be humble. Be authentic. Focus on your destiny, not the destiny of anyone else. You don’t just “arrive” in life! It’s a well thought out venture.

It requires your utmost attention. You can’t get “there” being average and sitting around watching television and eating nachos all day. You won’t get there if you’re out of shape and super unhealthy. You’ve got to plan for this. It takes a commitment to your destiny. Make up your mind today to put your ascension and take off on your list of top priorities and plans. The only way you can truly help others is that you’re in the right position to do so. What will you do today to get in position for greater success?

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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2 thoughts on “Planning for a Successful Take Off?

  1. “See, you can want to go somewhere great all day long, but until you develop habits that lead to success and a mindset of greatness; you’ll continue to end up stuck right where you are.”

    That statement is: look in the mirror, self evaluating, an awakening, need for immediate mind adjusting, thought provoking, and a yearning for a productive spiritual alignment with Christ!

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    1. I’m super excited this article touched you!!! Keep soaring


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