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Recently when an Aeroflot jet came to a flaming emergency landing in Moscow, videos of the tragic accident were posted all over social media, showing that in the middle of the chaos and confusion some travelers apparently used precious time to grab their carry-on bags. Can you believe that?!!

Certain passengers literally slowed down the evacuation process because they were so determined to retrieve their luggage while people behind them tried desperately to exit the plane. Interfax reported that as some of these self-centered passengers reached for their bags, others were stuck in the single-aisle, Russian built plane. As a result of the selfish bag retrievers, at least 40 people died.

This is so upsetting when you think about the fact that there are still people on this flight called life who will do the same thing these people did on that flight. People who will jeopardize the safety and well being of others all because they are determined to hold onto whatever they think is important! Some people are so obnoxious that they only think of themselves and never take time to think about the people behind them. The flight attendants were enraged by these idiots. Who could blame them for being angry? Their job is to get people off the plane in an emergency, but they couldn’t do their job because of these selfish passengers. I’ve found in my experience that it’s extremely difficult leading people who are determined to do whatever they want. It’s frustrating and downright evil to stand in the way of other people who are trying to make progress and move forward. Yet there are so many people who do this. They actually will stand right in the way of progress and intentionally do whatever suits them while other people are destroyed.

People literally died on this flight because some travelers were so consumed with themselves. While meditating on this early this morning, I realized this same foolishness is happening in families, businesses, churches and communities. Innocent people are perishing because some of these people supposedly “on board” are complete narcissists and not one bit concerned about the other people around them. Make sure this is not you. Take your ego out of the equation and ask yourself:

Am I sincerely supporting other people on this flight?

The fact is, some people are only into themselves and they will even become advocates of people who are like them. Helping people who help your agenda is manipulative behavior. A good leader is someone who is helping other people stay alive and thrive; NOT helping destroy lives. I’m sure all the morons reaching for their bags were on one accord. They were probably all convinced what they were doing was perfectly okay. I’m always amazed at people who defend toxic people and say nothing about the carnage left behind from their deadly actions. If you defend abusive, poisonous people, please know you’re just as guilty as them. The blood is on your hands too! It’s time out for people in this culture standing back and remaining neutral when they see injustice. Excusing people’s bad behavior is a huge issue for me and what I believe to be the reason so many victims of abuse stay silent. They stay quiet about their abuse because their defenders will downplay their abusers evildoing. Many victims of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical abuse never take it to anyone sadly because they know no one will stand with them. From my own experience I’ve seen people who know the deal who will still be quick to make excuses and justifications for ignorance and all the while the people who are suffering are told to grin and bear it. This is an atrocity! Those 40 people that day shouldn’t have died. Not only that, there are people today on this flight called life who deserve help getting to their destination and they shouldn’t have to die because people are standing in the aisle focused on their own stuff!

I’m learning not to get on board with people anymore and to distance myself from people who I can’t trust when things get interesting and conflict arises. If I’m not sure if I will survive a trip with you, I’ll avoid you like the plague. I’m here for a great purpose and I won’t let people ruin me who are overly consumed with superficial things that don’t matter. I caution you not to travel closely with anyone who will leave you behind while they only take care of themselves on this flight called life.

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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