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Some people only try to go the places they try to go because they see you went there. It’s not like any of us are in grade school anymore, but it’s totally exhausting when you see some of the lengths some people will go to trying to imitate your journey.

I started on a new path of personal healing about six months and ago and have been extremely transparent about it. I have even shared what I’ve learned and given out resources, inspiration and information to help empower and educate others about it. Recently, it was brought to my attention that someone with some severe issues and an extreme need for attention has taken my recent platform and tried to make it their newest way of getting attention. Disgusting if you asked me. Especially when you see there’s no improvement in this characters behavior or spirit. On top of this, much of my dismay comes because this area is one that’s very serious and sensitive in nature to me and so many others. To those of us who are genuinely working on ourselves and have a heartfelt desire to grow and heal, it’s appalling to see what is helping you used by someone else as a steppingstone to be noticed and applauded.

It’s even more despicable to see the way some people will do anything to make others think they’re going places. The bigger problem with doing this is when you make your issues a way to be recognized or noticed; you also open yourself up for attacks and attention from places you didn’t want it from as well. Any grown up who’s sincerely working on themselves and trying to improve and heal; does just that. No need to let the world know. No need to post it, snapchat it or tweet it. Especially when you’re still not ready to reveal your struggle from a place of victory. If you’re not “there” yet, why open up the door for that kind of scrutiny and observation. Unfortunately, Social media has made it easy for silly people with no wisdom to share and say just about anything. To reveal truths about yourself that the world doesn’t need to know is asinine; but because some people are so addicted to attention they just have say it. They have no filter and no friends. #hashtagthat

My advice to all my coachable friends today is; Watch what you do and where you go for attention.

Just because you see other people going there, it doesn’t mean you’re meant to go there too. Seems like we shouldn’t even have to say this to adults; but stop imitating people. Be yourself. Sure, it’s perfectly fine to be inspired and empowered by others and the places that they’re going. But just because they go there, doesn’t mean you need to mimic them in your life and go there too. If you can’t understand that; you are clearly an attention junkie who needs a serious dose of common sense and wisdom. Using something you see someone else go through as a means to make you appear to be doing important stuff is childish and if you asked me very insensitive.

There’s always a lesson from the craziness we experience and the people who do “the most” around us. From this I’ve learned to be a lot more careful about what I share and who I share it with, because sadly there are some very troubled people on this flight who will do anything to try and impress and get attention by any means necessary.

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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