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Some people work at the airport and never get to go anywhere. The reality is these people actually never go anywhere because they’re too busy working and making things happen for everyone else to fly. These airport workers who hardly ever get to take off and go places are certainly not going places because they don’t want to. Somewhere along the way they made the commitment to set their plans aside and help other people get to their desired destination.

This past Sunday the world celebrated Mother’s Day and if there’s anyone who can relate to helping others take flight while seemingly going nowhere; it’s moms. The sacrifices moms willfully make to see their children go to great destinations is incredible. The best moms are the ones who do what they do with nothing more than a hope to see their children do better in life than they have! The moms whose children take off the most are the ones whose children don’t have to feel guilty for the sacrifices that have been made for them to go places. Their moms don’t throw the “help” they gave them in their face and play the victim when they finally get going. These moms are intentional and they don’t ever really say how much they gave up to see their children soar. There’s no scorecard, record or reminder of how much was paid out to support them. Just all love! I just watched a video of Russell Wilson who recently surprised his mom with a brand new house. When he gave her the keys she cried happy tears and even his wife Ciara cried too. It was clearly his way of saying thank you to his mom for helping him get to where he is today.

Now I’m sure she already had a place to live, but the heart of her son was to do something tangible to say “Mom I’m so grateful.” He wanted to do something big to say thank you! Not that the word thank you isn’t adequate, but this man wanted to give something size-able to her for all she had done. No wonder he’s so successful in life with that mentality. Those who have a mindset like his are guaranteed to go far.

I understand how he feels! My mom has been amazing and made so many sacrifices for me and my siblings to take off in life. While I personally haven’t gotten to the place yet where I can buy her a house; I try to do ALL that I can on a regular basis to bless her. Not only do I do this for her but even for my mother in law who helped my husband get to where he is in life. This is the least we can do for those who have helped us get to the next level. Sadly, I talk to moms regularly and see the heartbreak because their children don’t see the necessity of doing anything to honor them at all. Moms who even cried this past weekend about their ungrateful children and entitled spouses who forgot to do anything to say thanks for the support and love in helping them get where they are. This has got to change.

My advice for all my coachable friends is DON’T FORGET AND DON’T DOWNPLAY GENUINE PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE. Don’t forget how you got to where you are today! If you act all fancy and take time out to tip the waitress and show gratuity to people on the street; make sure you remember to honor those who have supported you behind the scenes and helped you along the way. Charity begins at HOME! Remember those who were there for you and make it your business to reach back with tangible love and support as often as you can. Not because you’re obligated to do it, but because you’re decent and you’re a person who understands what it means to be grateful. I believe the way we handle those who have helped us get to where we are will come back to us when we least expect it. Especially when we get to the stage of life they’re at. Make sure you sow good seeds because if you don’t, the bad seeds you sow will come back to your life when you least except it too. Humble yourself and work on your character as you take flight. And never forget those who stayed at the airport so you could take flight in life!

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