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Before any flight can take off, EVERYONE has got to sit down. Yep! That’s from the pilot to the flight crew; everyone has to take a seat. Sitting down can be a difficult task for some though. Some people don’t feel valuable unless they’re in the limelight, but there are lots of assignments that are important but low when it comes to visibility.

Young children, people who are hyperactive and those who want to be seen all the time have a difficult time sitting down. It’s almost impossible for some folk to take a seat on this flight called life. It’s almost as if they feel like getting up and being busy and their worth are one in the same. Truth is, most busy bodies are far from productive or useful, they just can’t take a seat. This made me think about how so many people never take off in life, love, or their career, because they never learn the importance of sitting down. Some people are always up, sashaying around, showing off, trying to prove a point; only to find out they are the reason for the delay in their life. This speaks to a serious lack of self awareness; many don’t know how crazy they look always trying to be in the spotlight.

The missing ingredient of those who refuse to sit down is humility and it is the exact reason why these individuals can think very highly of themselves, but everyone around them are rolling their eyes when observing their antics. See, these people don’t realize that they are not only their biggest enemy, but everyone around them that’s going places can see it so clearly. They are often those who love to listen to training and teaching, but never apply it. If they only realized that they can listen to as much instruction, motivation and inspiration as they want, but they will still never go anywhere until they learn to stop being such know it alls who refuse to be critiqued, evaluated and coached. Sadly, some people are so busy moving about trying to be noticed but they’re really stuck. These people are not going anywhere and deep down inside they know it. If they could only stop it with their incessant desire to get attention; they would finally be well on their way. It’s tragic if this is you.

If you never sit down and become accountable to the people who you know can help you soar, you’re going to keep frustrating your own departure. Until you learn to listen and apply wisdom; you will find yourself taxiing on the runway of life never really excelling and going to the places you hoped for. Let’s be honest, we all know an attention seeker when we see one don’t we? We know those people who always want the spotlight on them; and while they crave attention from the crowd, the ones who go to great places are those who are not at all needy of validation and acceptance. The people going somewhere in life are the ones who aren’t obsessed with trying to prove their giftedness, because “when you got it you got it.” To those who are actually coachable; please sit down.

Stop allowing your ego and your never ending need for validation to motivate your every move. Study what it means to be humble and take a step back. Look at yourself honestly and stop admitting your faults like a badge of honor and do something about it. Grow up and stop behaving like an adolescent. If you’re really going somewhere on this flight called life; you need to take a seat. You could be the hold up for your own take off. Everyone is waiting on you to get out of yourself once and for all and take a seat.

Your seat is not the seat you see someone else in. You won’t do what you do the same way as someone else, but if you’re going somewhere, you will have a determination to do whatever you do in excellence. Arrogant people think they can do whatever they want and take off. Wrong! The take off is for those who understand what it actually takes to go to great places!

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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