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Didn’t get to post yesterday. Celebrated the life of a woman who was very dear to my family. Made me ponder a lot as it relates to the take off and descent of a life. Some flights seem to take off and arrive to their final destination quicker than others. For some, it really seems as if they’re just getting started and they are no longer here. The saying life is short is really true.

This made me also begin to think about how one going places, great places that is; has a mindset focused on doing what they say they’re set out to do. They must have a commitment to behaving and thinking like a grown up. I’m sure you’re thinking this is a given but trust me, it’s not. There are a lot of people who say they want to be coached and challenged to growth; but remain in a state of delusion. Delusional people love to talk. They spend the majority of their time talking and constantly imitating the people who they admire. They love to copy the glamorous parts from the lives of those who they see going places. Can I tell you that imitating the parts you like about the lives of successful people will never get you to your desired destination? When I used to watch soap operas, I would be so impressed by how they all sat around looking fabulous all day. They would be dressed in the fanciest apparel with maids waiting on their every whim. Sadly, we are at the point in this culture where some of us are completely obsessed with looking the part. Some people are committed to sounding deep, appearing as if they’re humble, nice, kind, genuine and acting out the image of someone who’s trying to make real changes. This is all a hoax for some and the results of their lives make it abundantly clear. People who are actually committed to change are changing. People who are committed to growing are indeed growing. People who are committed to transformation are not sitting around making excuses for being stagnant. If you want to convince someone that you’re growing; grow up. Seriously, time waits for no one and your take off is really up to you, but your descent is not so much in your hands or in your control. You don’t know how long you have to get your assignment done. So if you’re bull jiving and playing around; you’re only fooling yourself and wasting your own time. Take your assignment seriously because it’s no telling when your flight will come to an end.

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    Real talk

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