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Today I’m picking my parents up from the airport. They’re traveling here and I’m ready to serve as the driver and hostess and whatever else they need. Am I mad about it? Not at all. The reason I’m not mad is first because I am not a hater; especially when I see people going places. As a matter of fact, I’m making myself available to help anyone who’s making strides to take off! This is why I speak, blog, share, Coach,…I love seeing people grow and reach their destination!

This made me think about how many of us who say we are going places need to look around and become more intentional in helping mentor, coach and serve others. Essentially, if you’re not doing any of that, you are not doing anything. If you are too focused on self that you’re rarely ever taking the time to help anyone else go somewhere on this journey, you’re missing the point. It’s not all about you! It should be that whatever success you’re experiencing is inspiring you to help build others. See, my ultimate desire is to do this kinda of stuff on a regular basis. The second reason I’m not mad about picking them up from the airport is because I love to serve others. Serving is the greatest thing any of us can do. This is why I’m here. Not only do I see myself coaching, and speaking and traveling more,…I literally see myself helping others take off higher than I will ever even go. I was born to help people take off and so were you.

Doing this requires a heart and mentality that’s not self centered. See, the average person is me centered and yet they wonder why they’re having trouble taking off. I’ve found that when you make it your business to bless the people who come into your region or town, they become motivated to do the same for you when you come to their town. I literally sit around and think of out of the box ways to make the journey better for people I come into contact with; with no other agenda but to inspire them!

Sadly, average minds try their best to limit what they do for other people. Most are only focused inward. Only concerned about their family, close friends and circle. Never looking to help anyone else get around! I challenge you, the coachable ones; to change your mentality. Some of you are famous for going out to eat with people and only paying your tab. Buying inexpensive gifts for people yet expecting the best when it’s your celebration. Discounting everything you do for others but that’s not how you want to be treated. Be honest, you know that’s not the mentality or mindset of someone destined for greatness. If you know people are in your area from out of town, help them get around. If you know people are feeling like aliens or strangers, be a friend to them. Support them. Show them around. Make whatever adjustments you need to in your mind and calendar to be available! Make space in your life to treat people the way you want to be treated.

Some of you are saying no way, people are too messy and I’m not going to be taken advantage of by anyone. This is why discernment is vital. You can’t help everyone. There is a class of people that will be drawn to you and some of them are deadbeats, while some are sincerely trying to take off and ascend. Know the difference. Some of you have been burned helping people before so you’re saying now; I refuse to let people use me. I will not be someone’s errand boy or errand girl. They have money. Let them figure it out for themselves. If you’re dealing with a person who has the pathology of a user, that’s not the one for you to be helping get around. But if you know they are genuinely moving forward and just need someone to pick them up; help them. Distancing yourself from people moving towards take off is stupid and a waste of time and resources. Make sure you’re operating with the right mentality! You’re definitely not thinking the way someone going places thinks if you still can’t decipher between people with the right agenda and wrong motives.

See, the average person can’t grasp this kind of stuff I’m talking about. But you’re not average! You’re headed somewhere and greatness is awaiting you; but you must change your mindset now and be prepared to meet King’s. In order to take in this concept you have to start looking at the people in your life with a different perspective. Start to esteem the people around you and stop being so common with everyone you know. Your normal way of thinking is to bring people down to your level. Right now, you actually have people in your life and you treat them like they’re nothing. You think, Oh that’s just Mom. That’s just my Dad. That’s just my Boss. That’s just my mentor, coach or Pastor. But, if the people who pour into you and bless you mean so little to you; you’re essentially saying you have a low view of yourself. The way I see it is; anyone who pours into me and improves my life is IMPORTANT and they should be treated that way by ME. So with that being said, let me go now and prepare to majorly bless the people I’m picking up today. The bottom line is, no one can use you without your permission anyway.

Someone once said “If serving is below you, leadership is beyond you.”

Check your ego on the way up! If your head is too big as you ascend, it could be the same thing that’s responsible for bringing you down.

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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One thought on “Picking up People From The Airport

  1. mwaters18 says:

    Wow this truly said alot, thank you for this post and being determined to live a life helping others go higher!


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