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Google is hilarious. You can type in anything including

“How to travel on a plane” ✈️

Seems pretty self explanatory doesn’t it? Well DUH. Clearly, if you want to travel on a plane you have to buy a ticket, pack a bag, then get to the airport and get on board. Oddly enough, it seems like you shouldn’t have to explain process to people, but believe it or not; there are some individuals walking around who need you to tell them everything step by step. To me this speaks to a person’s capacity or lack thereof.

There are simply some people who we are trying to engage in relationship, intimacy business, and even conversation who just don’t get it. You know those people who don’t understand the basics. No common sense at all. They are out to lunch, the lights are on but nobody’s home, the elevators stuck and won’t leave the first floor. Some people don’t see that there are steps that are required in order to go places. They don’t see that process is the only way to take flight in life. Taking flight requires a strong commitment when it comes to following protocol and order if you want to get ahead.

The harsh reality is that some people need the help of google on how to do everything.

And if it’s not google helping them decide their process, it’s their mother or father, sister or brother. Some people can’t think for themselves and if they use google for everything do they actually have a brain of their own? If they need google to tell them how to think, what will they do when the internet connection fails? Truth is some people will get help from everywhere but within and even after they do; can you deal with the reality that you’re left with a person who lacks the substance to be able to take off in life and in their interactions and commitments to you? If you’re going places in life, the wisest thing to do is be honest with yourself. Before you get attached and deeply connected to anyone; please make it a point to get to know as much as you can about them.

I can’t stress enough to you how important it is for you to really do some work to see what their capacity is first. Can they contain you and all you bring to the table? Can they handle conversations with you, your interest and the reality that comes with being connected to someone with your substance and depth?

Some people like the idea of you but can’t deal with the weight that’s associated with a go getter like you.

You are going somewhere great. This is why you must ask the people who will get on the plane with you, some hard questions. Like, what are the steps they think it takes to get on a plane? Not just an airplane but the plane or the level that’s required to take off with you. No point in doing business with someone who you’ll never have anything in common with. No point in trying to get married to someone who can’t even understand you while you’re dating. The way a person gets to their destination has to do with their decision making process.

Do you even know what your decision making process is? If you’re not clear on that, my advice is simple. Stay on the ground for now. In the meantime, figure out how you plan on getting to your next destination. You must have a process in place before you demand someone else to. Stop relying on google and outside sources for your process on moving forward and look within. You will get far. You just need to figure out the basics.

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  1. Danielle Whitehead says:

    I know I’m late to the party but THIS BLESSED ME!

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