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Have you ever wanted to travel to one destination and the people you’re rolling with wanted to go somewhere completely different? What happens when two people are together physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually they’re going in opposite directions?

Is there an easy way to book a flight that pleases everyone? Or is this just too expensive of a feat? Do you even have the time or energy to keep trying to appease people who want to go skiing when you love the beach? At what point do you stop trying to make people agree to go along with you when you know they would rather be somewhere else? When going places in life, all of these questions are vital when it comes to the people you choose to take flight with. It’s really a major waste of years and in many cases tears to sit around accommodating everyone else around you, only to look up and be bitter and resentful because you never got to go where you wanted.

Those who are going places in life have to be free of the fear of people. No longer should you be preoccupied worrying about who likes you and who agrees with you. This is the equivalent of trying to go two places at the same time. It’s not good for your mental health. I read a quote the other day that said “The person attempting to travel two roads at the same time will get nowhere.”

And this is very true. William Shakespeare said “To thine own self be true!” There’s such richness in that statement especially when you’re a person who’s got a made up mind and determination to go places. It’s so important to remember along this journey that if you lie about how you feel or what you want, you’re not not being authentic and true to yourself. So many people end up old and angry because they did everything in their power to try to make their family and friends happy only to find out they’re all miserable too. What a tragic end. To get to the last leg of your life and find out everyone you tried to please wasn’t happy either; because they were all following the same model or template for living. If you really want to get “there” start by learning yourself. Not the “you” anyone else pictured for you, but the “you” that you know you were born to be. Deep down inside, if you get quiet enough and at peace with yourself, you will begin to silence the voices of the people around you and hear what your divine calling has always been.

You’re going places. You just need to sit down and settle your spirit and your heart so that you can hear what the sincere direction is for your life. I’m cheering you on and believing your clarity and wisdom is going to increase. Start studying and reading more. See, the library and bookstores are already filled with “mentors” who’ve written books that have taken them years to experience what could change your life today. My grandfather used to say this quote often that he loved.

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear.” -Unknown

Who’s really ready to stop wasting their time trying to travel all these different paths with people who aren’t going where you’re going? If that’s you, let’s go! Greatness awaits you.

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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