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Did you know that American Airlines has a rule that says that they can refuse to carry a passenger (and pull him or her off the plane) if the person has “an offensive odor.”


It’s true. No stinky passengers on their planes! (insert praise break cause that’s a real word). This got me to thinking about how we should all have the same policy in our own lives. We should unashamedly say that no one with an offensive odor when it comes to our success and greatness is allowed in our space, nor will we carry them! It’s probably one of the most incredibly wise decisions you and I could ever make and we could start today. I’m saying we all need to have policy and procedure in place in our lives where we quickly remove anyone whose mindset, attitude and intentions are foul and offensive to our elevation, even ourselves if need be. In other words, break up with your egotistical way of thinking. We all need to kick off anyone with a vision and agenda that’s not in alignment with where we are headed on this journey called life. Kick off naysayers and small mindedness. Kick off “The I can’t and I’m not enough way of thinking”. Kick off this perfectionist mentality that keeps you from ever doing anything except talk. Kick off friends that help you stay helpless. See, if you are honest with yourself, think about how much frustration, drama, confusion and conflict would be eliminated from our lives and how much higher we would go if we didn’t have to waste time and energy putting up with knucklehead, stiff neck, stubborn people with stinky attitudes, distorted facial expressions and disrespectful body language along the way. Historically, we’ve been taught to look past people’s dysfunction and tolerate their toxic behavior. We’ve been taught to “be the bigger person” while obnoxious idiots have kept us from going somewhere great. Many of us have not spoken up and said what was really in our hearts for fear of being called “emotional,” meanwhile we have been robbed of our identity. We have not been in places that encourage us to be our authentic self. Instead we have been told to accommodate the well meaning frauds in our life while they stay unable to make strides towards any of their goals either. Sadly, we’ve been conditioned to be tolerant and polite and to put up with crap we know we don’t sincerely agree with. We’ve looked for validation from the unvalidated. We’ve surrounded ourselves with cowardly people who sweep the actions of the other poisonous people around us under the rug. We’ve had to silently watch stinky people around us consistently make excuses for stuff that we know has been harmful to our ascent.

So at this point, this no stinky passengers on board policy is so where I am in life. No longer will I allow the people who rationalize and pardon pathological ineffectiveness, immaturity and carelessness with statements like “they really don’t mean any harm.” For those like me who are determined to get “there,” we will not allow the people who speak the type of language that stinks up the atmosphere to keep us stuck on a level we have grown beyond. See, smelling bad and being okay with it is expected when you’re a child; but when you grow up, you’re supposed to take care of yourself and spend time to see to it that your scent is not one that runs people away. What kind of people is your scent attracting?

At the end of the day, people going places have got to guard against being around those whose mindsets attract flies. Remember, flies are attracted to a scent too. We must be a lot more selective about who we allow to go places with us and we should demand that people around us are those who have a backbone and the guts to speak up to whatever is offensive to everyone getting somewhere incredible and new. Truth is, I know that there have been times where I’ve allowed myself to be hindered and slowed down by people with smelly thinking; but one day I said enough is enough! The sad part about all of this is if you stay in a stinky environment long enough it will cease to stink from your perspective anymore. Could it actually be that everyone outside of your circle can smell the stench of what you’ve become comfortable taking in; that is everyone except you and your crew.

Today, I challenge you to do some spring cleaning and check the smell of what you’re trying to pack and carry along with you on this journey. Check the people around you and make sure you’re not moving about with stinky people in your circle. Fact of the matter is, if you hang around 4 stinky people, more than likely you’re probably the 5th stinky one!

Lastly, check yourself. The problem may not be everyone else around you. It could be that you stink and you definitely would not be allowed to fly on any aircraft that had high standards smelling like that!

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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8 thoughts on “No Stinky Passengers

  1. mwaters18 says:

    Thank you for sharing! Note to self :stop accepting the unacceptable and toss out things or connections that wreak, and are unbenefecial whatever it may be!

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    1. And sometimes the throwing out begins with us. Sometimes we carry beliefs and mindset that stink and before we can throw out anyone else we have to self examine and ask why are stinky people attractive and attracted to me. The process should be done by a process of elimination and often the people around us are either trying to clean us up so we don’t smell or assisting us in staying offensive. The first step is look within.

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  2. Angie Marrero says:

    WAO! ❤️ Powerful.. thank you

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    1. Thanks for following! I absolutely love the support


  3. Keith Johnson says:


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  4. Danielle Whitehead says:

    This spoke to me so loud there’s a lot that can and would be done if I wasn’t trying to make everything so “perfect”. Often I’ve coated the stench of perfection with calling it being professional LOL but this spoke to me “Kick off this perfectionist mentality that keeps you from ever doing anything except talk” thanks for sharing.

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    1. Keep going, keep growing! I’m proud of you!


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