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Because I’m someone who loves to fly and the theme of my blog is to inspire people who want to “go places,” I’m always reading about travel and airplanes and going somewhere new! Well, this morning while sipping on a nice cup of coffee (with a little cinnamon on top, yummy) I read an article that said something that sparked my thinking. The article said that food service on night flights can be delayed until the flight crew sees more people fall asleep. Interesting right? Well, wait until I tell you why!

The rationale behind them waiting for more people to fall asleep means less work for them to do! Wow! Absurd right? To think that people who are supposedly there to serve passengers and help make their flight as memorable, comfortable and enjoyable as possible are literally thinking of ways to gyp their customers out of what they paid for; ultimately so they don’t have to do a job they signed up for. It basically boils down to them cleverly thinking of ways to do as little work as possible for the same pay. How many of us do the same kind of crap to other people, but are appalled when it’s done to us? Where’s our integrity? Maybe it fell asleep as it relates to our entire culture. I’m just saying.

This immediately made me think about how this is the same ratchet thinking a lot of people have when it comes to their approach on their lives and everything they touch. Sadly, it seems like a lot of people have this same trifling, lazy mentality as these underachieving flight attendants. It’s almost appalling to think that people are so inwardly depraved and selfish by nature. It’s disheartening that there is so much dissonance in the hearts of those who will sign up for “service” and then not give it their best effort. This is a really disturbing mindset a lot of people seem to have that actually say they’re about “feeding” people and making their flight aka life better, all the while their hidden intentions are revealed because they can’t wait until more people “go to sleep!” They can’t wait until the people they’re supposed to be helping to go places get distracted doing something else. This truly speaks to a leader who is not what or who they say they are.

This made me put together a few questions for you to ask yourself. Like, how many people are around you with the same mentality as these wolves in sheeps clothing? And who are these imposters in your life? Are you one? How many people say they are somewhere to help, serve, assist, aid and support people or a cause and yet in their heart they are just sitting back calculating, plotting and planning ways to do as little as possible when it comes to actually helping others take flight. To me it’s very wicked and twisted conduct and I search my heart daily not to be a Dbag when it comes to my involvement in anything.

The flight attendants who sit back and wait for people to go to sleep so they can basically cheat passengers from getting a meal that’s owed them are nothing more than the same as disingenuous leaders and those who have something they can help sustain and grow people with, but instead they withhold it because taking time to do their job is going to take effort and fake people hate to put forth whatever actual effort it takes to do their job. They want to look like they’re nice and kind; but they never really produce anything. So are they really nice and kind? Or is it all just a show?

There’s a scripture in the Bible that spells it out and describes these kind of folk; it says they look good on the outside but their inward hearts are not right. That was just me paraphrasing, but you get the point. Another passage says they love to say a lot, but even their speech betrays them. You know people like that don’t you? Ever wasting time and never developing the people they’re supposed to develop. All they want to do is cover them up, keep them warm. These kind of people love watching their passengers aka family, friends, associates sleep. They get some kick out of covering up the people they should be teaching, training and serving, with blankets of excuses never confronting their bad behavior and challenging them to do better. Because for the people like the deceptive flight attendants, confronting the people in their lives in order to help them mature and change for the better is too hard. It’s just too much work. So they continually put to sleep the destructive issues they see in others and make accommodations for them to stay that way; because helping people get strong and doing anything beyond babying them requires pulling up your sleeves and actually doing some work. And these kind of helpers, don’t really want to help. In fact, they certainly don’t want to do what they’re assigned to do. They seemingly just want to wear the uniform and look the part. It’s a shame so many teachers, parents, aunties, uncles and leaders do the same foolishness as these irresponsible flight attendants; never assisting others in getting where they need to go. Could YOU really be the reason why your “peeps” never take off?

This also speaks to why a lot of people may even get to their destination but find themselves malnourished, starved and empty; unable to be effective when they “arrive.” If it’s your job to feed people, to provide substance and nourishment and fuel to their lives, you can’t be more focused on your comfort than their growth. Those who give their lives to serving others have got to be empty of ego, selfishness and hypocrisy. Those of us who step up and take on work in the area of helping others take flight have got to do a heart check daily, because people trying to take flight need sincere people in their corner who really want to help them to go somewhere; and when they arrive hopefully they have been poured into enough that they have the strength and supply to continue going higher even after you finish doing your part.

People deserve to be served by those who are sincere about feeding them; not by people in uniform who are waiting for them to fall asleep.

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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2 thoughts on “Waiting for people to fall asleep or committed to seeing them take flight?

  1. Mitchell Waters says:

    Wow, this completely changed my perception not only on flight attendants, but service. Dying daily is a requirement to get beyond myself to reach the destination. Thank you for this post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment


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