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My oldest son Chris recently traveled to Peru and went on a hike to Machu Picchu. Unfortunately, when he arrived to his desired destination he got sick. I know this was the last thing he wanted to deal with while trying to see the world!! Let’s be honest, who plans on going somewhere great and not feeling well when they get there? Said no one.

Thankfully, his body quickly adjusted and he was able to shake off the way he felt and enjoy his trip! Immediately, I heard a really deep message in this whole situation, especially when we found out he wasn’t feeling well on his trip because of something called Altitude sickness.

Altitude sickness, or AMS (acute mountain sickness), happens when you go from a low elevation to a higher one (insert preach).

Altitude sickness occurs when you take flight — typically over 8,000 feet — and the lack of oxygen at these higher altitudes causes the body to react adversely. This got me to thinking how elevation and promotion effects some people so bad that they’re not like Chris. They never get well at high levels because they’re so in love with low living. Could it be that some people are so used to their way of living that they love being low lives? Well? 👀

Truth is, some people are never really able to shake how they FEEL and separate their emotions from their purpose in order for them to actually get the maximum experience out of their life. For some people, no matter how much they want to go places, they seem to always come to the conclusion and find out that their take off is unsuccessful because they never get beyond their FEELINGS. Some people can’t shake the feelings that go along with taking flight.

See, taking flight and going higher means you can’t stay low anymore and anything that represents “low” living has to be left behind in order to go higher! Whether it’s people, habits, mindsets; everything that’s going to keep you low has to be abandoned to take off and go to high places!

You can’t stay determined to keep doing things the same way you always did them when considering elevation. Going places means you’ve got to make changes and adapt to new environments and new atmospheres and perspectives. But low lives are so in love with their way of living they can’t imagine any other way. See, this is why many people are getting older but not growing up; because some people can’t handle elevation. Altitude sickness is sadly why some people with potential will never truly soar! And may I remind you potential means you ain’t really doing nothing now! Ha! This is one of the main reasons people who desire to be great can’t be loyal to anything that keeps them low. If you’re sincerely going somewhere you must be willing to allow your feelings to be tested and challenged. That’s the only way to really see if you’re ready to go higher and make the necessary changes that go along with it. People determined to go to higher heights in life are those who don’t have a problem checking their egos at the door because change never happens when your ego is running the show. A person determined to stay low will say they want to go high and then fight against and resist everything that is challenging them to grow. Low lives always end up driving their help away.

See, I know many of you want to go places and travel the world in theory, but travel and ascent comes at a price. When you say you want to go to the nations and touch lives, be ready to check your feelings, ego and all your baggage at the door. The bottom line is; how you handle where you are at this level is a great indication of how well you’ll be able to handle going to a higher level.

My advice today is that you watch your responses and reactions to this level closely. If there are coaches, teachers, mentors, advisors and leaders in your life now and you make their assignment difficult in helping develop you, you’re probably not very serious about going places. If you’re stressed out all the time and falling apart or angry all the time about the things you’re dealing with now, don’t try to go higher. If you have Altitude sickness at this level, and you can’t shake it, how will you ever be able to handle going to the mountain?

I’m convinced some people are only able to handle low living. As for me, I am NOT a low life and never will be!

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6 thoughts on “I am NOT a low life and never will be!

  1. A word!! What a great message.

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    1. Thanks Taylor 🤗😘♥️


  2. Danielle Whitehead says:

    Wow! This was amazing, what you’re experiencing is nothing but a little altitude sickness shake it off love it!

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  3. Yes, I really hear this message!

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    1. I’m so glad it blessed you!!!! Thanks for sharing your feedback with me 🤗


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