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The last trip I took, the plane was fully decked out with inflight entertainment and there were literally moments that I was enjoying what I was looking at so much so that I honestly forgot about everything that was going on around me!

If you’re not familiar with this; Inflight entertainment gives passengers the option while flying to watch the latest Hollywood hits, trending TV shows, and music videos through a seatback monitor or your own personal device. You can literally push a button and see or hear whatever you want (insert praise break). So, this one added luxury option can virtually take enjoying your flight to a whole new dimension! This inflight entertainment idea 💡 really spoke to me and got me excited because if we would all activate that option in our real lives; we will begin to see things completely different instantly! The luxury option is simple; you can look for the things in your day that make you happy, the things that make you informed or at peace or you can choose to focus on drama. See, it’s not far fetched at all to find the good things about this journey and basically forget about the mess that’s going on around you that really doesn’t matter. This takes focus and it’s up to you to enable this option in your life. As a matter of fact, we can all do this right now, but most people choose to act as if they have no control over how they see things aka playing the victim. Many people give their power away to the environments they’re in and the people they’re around. Frankly, some of us give too much power over what we see and how we understand things from our past hurts, trauma and pain rather than looking at it for what it is. I even think we could turn up the volume on our “happy” in life if we stopped giving starring roles to some of the dysfunctional and annoying characters in our life. Some of us are even guilty of watching the same flicks over and over again when there’s new stuff out there to look at and appreciate. It’s time to stop repeating the same drama and switch the channel to something inspiring and motivating.

Let’s be honest, this entire journey can be a horror flick or a fairytale, it all depends on what you choose to intentionally hone in on. Today, I encourage you to turn your inflight entertainment on and put your attention on the things that bring you joy and satisfaction. Turn your attention to things that make you cry happy tears instead of tears of sorrow. Tune your inflight entertainment to a channel that educates you and improves your life!!When you and I begin to take control of what we look at, it’s going to have a phenomenal impact on this flight we’re on and we will begin to see everything from a new perspective.

When you purposely consider your life as the amazing experience it is, I promise it will help you remember you’re already prewired and fully equipped with this luxury option. You’ve got complete access to your inflight entertainment system. And not only that, you have the potential and power to make your life an action movie that’s filled with comedy and romance. It’s up to you my friend. You can begin making choices that keep your life and state of mind stable, balanced and secure; where nothing around you can interrupt your peace and enjoyment on this journey. Enjoy the luxury option that’s already included!!

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    Amen…thank you

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