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We had seats in the exit row on this flight. The flight attendant was very serious about us sitting here too. She told us she needed our undivided attention and at the end of her instructions to us she said “I need a verbal yes from each one of you!” She wanted us to say it. We couldn’t nod or mumble. She wanted a clear yes from each one of us. She made it clear that we needed to agree to everything associated with sitting in those seats. It was so serious that she said they won’t take off until she gets a commitment from everyone sitting in the exit row.

This made me immediately think about how this approach could improve our lives too. It made me think how we could avoid heartbreak and disappointment if we did the same thing in our own lives. If we stopped attempting to take flight with people who haven’t made a clear commitment to us and the seats we place them in. The exit row seat is the seat where people have extra room and all, but it’s also the place where in case of an emergency you agree to do what’s necessary to help (insert tears and speaks in tongues). I honestly think there are too many of us who have people in our lives who we always jump and run to support and help and go the distance for, but in the event of our emergency, they just sit there and watch us crash and burn.

The truth is, many of us are guilty of allowing people to sit in important seats in our lives and it’s all fun and games for them to enjoy the benefits of being there. But what about the commitment from them to you on your not so good days? What about the yes when it looks like things are going down for you? When it looks like you’re having a hard time? What about the days when your finances are going up in flames or your health is declining? Wouldn’t the quality of your life be better if you actually got a verbal yes from the people who sit in important seats in your life? I think we have allowed the fear of hearing the truth and the reality that some people will not agree to help us when we need them to keep us from taking off. Could we actually be in relationships with people who we know good and well won’t agree to the terms we have set for people to sit in vital places in our lives?

Some of us just don’t want to accept the truth. But couldn’t that be the reason why you end up hurt by all the people you put in weighty seats in your life? As your real life coach, I encourage you to get the attention of the people in your exit row today. After you get their undivided attention, ask them whether or not they’re really willing to make a serious commitment to you. Ask them if they’re ready to say yes to whatever it means to sit in important places in your life. And even if the answer from them is no; respect the truth and take flight knowing at least you did your due diligence and said what you needed to say. At least you had the deep conversation. At least you got your answer.

Then take flight. Take flight knowing that you did your best to place the right people in your exit row.

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4 thoughts on “Exit Row Seat Commitments

  1. “Some of us just don’t want to accept the truth. But couldn’t that be the reason why you end up hurt by all the people you put in weighty seats in your life?”
    Wow! I’m encouraged to reexamine the people I’ve given seats to, and the kind of seats to!

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    1. That’s awesome! You will save yourself a lot of heartache when you do this. You won’t continue to expect more from people than they signed up. I would rather know the truth before I take off and try to fly with people who will surprise me and leave me hanging. Be encouraged. You’re on your way!


  2. Danielle Whitehead says:

    👏come 👏on! I need to know now before I take off.. YES!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes!!!!! I want to know! It makes take off so much easier and in case of an emergency I know who’s gonna really help and who’s going to be all about self preservation!

      Liked by 1 person

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