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We sat down and got ourselves comfy and ready for takeoff. That’s when the flight crew announced “This is going to be a full flight.” Immediately I heard a message in that.

The dictionary defines the word full; containing or holding as much or as many as possible; having no empty space.

That’s the first definition. But the second definition is the one that made me wanna have a Baptist fit.

*full; not lacking or omitting anything; complete. (Insert tears and hand praise)

What if you lived your life like it was full, not lacking or omitting anything; complete?! Wouldn’t you admit that it would completely change everything in your life; from what you say and what you do to right down to who you do it with?! I believe most of the problems we have are simply because we live our lives the opposite of full. Most people live like they are already defeated, as if they are always deficient. So many of us walk around like we are always in lack, always in need of something. But if we tap into our creative minds, we actually really lack nothing. The truth is everything you need is right here with you on this flight called life. This flight is completely full! If you need love, it’s on this flight. If you need peace; it’s right here on this flight. If you need support, it’s on this flight too. Look around and receive it! Stop rejecting what’s available to you simply because it’s not familiar to you.

As your real life coach I want you to be open. Stop sabotaging your blessings with negative thoughts. I want you to settle your spirit and start looking within! Tap into your creative mind and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Stop acting like a victim as if you don’t have anyone to help you and start by helping yourself. Help yourself by thinking right and from this place you will begin to see how much you already have going for you. When you shift in your mindset, you will begin to attract people who want to connect with you. Confidence and self awareness will make you appealing. While negativity and insecurity will make your blessings run away from you. These toxic mindsets send messages that say to others that you’re not ready yet.

I promise you this flight is completely full! You just needed to be reminded that everything you need is already here and it starts with you!

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3 thoughts on “This Flight Is Full

  1. I’m better because I know that everything I need is on this flight thank you Jesus.

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    1. ABSOLUTELY! Keep pushing! You’re going to be just fine!


  2. Danielle Whitehead says:

    🗣💃 “Stop rejecting what’s available to you simply because it’s not familiar to you”

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