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10:33AM and I’m dead serious. No exaggeration; there are a handful of kids on this flight screaming and hollering like they’re demon possessed all at the same time. Hard to imagine all of this is happening and we haven’t even taken off yet! The man sitting next to me yelled out “Hey, can we at least have some alcoholic drinks if we’re going to have to listen to this for an entire two hour flight? I looked back at him and said “Well, that’s what you get for going to Orlando!”

Then I just sat there. What else could I do? Well, I guess I could have turned my attention to all the adults (and I use that term loosely) violently reacting to the soundtrack of screaming kids in their own rendition of a grown up temper tantrum. It made me wonder if we actually really understand what we are getting ourselves into when we say we want to go certain places on this flight called life. Like I really wonder how many people realize what they’re getting into when they say they want the career or dream job they say they want. I wonder if they realize that even though they’re anxiously looking forward to the paycheck at the end of the week; they’re still gonna have to possibly put up with an obnoxious boss, insanely long work week, impossible deadlines and stressful meetings before they ever get to payday. I wonder if people know that as nice as love, marriage, a wedding and a honeymoon sounds, we still have to travel on this noisy flight with our sometimes difficult spouses and their bad habits, and their often complicated family on the way. Seems like somehow along the journey we forgot that we don’t always get to choose the soundtrack that plays in the background for our lives.

When the kids on the flight to Orlando were really losing control crying and flipping out, one lady near me tried to reel me into the mob of complainers,… but I wouldn’t join in. Instead, I smiled and calmly told her “I’m use to it. I used to own a daycare center.” I was basically letting her and anyone around who was listening know that what’s happening on this flight doesn’t have the power to change my mood (insert churchy organ).

All jokes aside I felt that. I looked at that woman and said the same thing I’m going to tell you. “YOU CAN HANDLE IT!” It just goes with the territory!

Once we make up our mind that what’s going on around us doesn’t have the power to ruffle our feathers. Once we decide that it’s not going to make us lose our cool, it won’t. Determine in your heart today that whatever has the potential to move you from a place of peace; it won’t work today. Not today satan! Whether it’s screaming kids, a pile of laundry, or a sink full of dishes, say to yourself; this is not going to make me upset and grumpy. Make up your mind that no matter what’s going on financially, emotionally or mentally, it will not make you lose your joy.

I intentionally travel with my headphones and I’m always prepared to drown out the noise of what’s going on around me with a soundtrack that I can control. This flight today is nothing more than a reminder and a reality check for me and for all my real life nation to remember that some things just go with the territory. If I’m going to Orlando, the home of Mickey Mouse; why in the world would I be surprised that I’m traveling with noisy screaming kids in the background?

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4 thoughts on “That’s what you get for going to Orlando

  1. Danielle Whitehead says:

    Love it!

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  2. Drew Grant says:

    So true! We often want things without knowing or appreciating the work and amount of scrutiny that it takes to be a professional basketball player making millions of dollars, or the late nights studying it takes to be a doctor making good money, etc. I’m striving to grow to the point that I enjoy the noisy kids screaming.

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    1. You’re doing amazing! You inspire me in ways you have no idea! Keep going places! It’s a beautiful sight to see!


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