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The Wright brothers were pioneers credited for inventing and flying the world’s first successful airplane. There’s absolutely no doubt about it; these guys were serious about going places! While I’m not certain how long it took them to take their idea from inside their heads to actual reality, I’m sure it wasn’t an easy process. The most inspiring part of their story is that today we are all able to benefit off of their invention because they didn’t give up (insert praise dance).

While enjoying my cup of coffee on this beautiful snow day; this got me to thinking about how many of us have incredible ideas in our heads but they never take off. Ideas that have the capacity to be a major blessing to the world if we can just push past our feelings of insufficiency, inadequacy and frustration and make a determination to NEVER GIVE UP! When you think about the Wright Brothers, don’t you see yourself in their story? Like if you really make up your mind to stay the course, consider how many people are going to get their wings and take off!

Today we can fly high and go far because these two brothers took their plans beyond talking about them, to actually making them happen. I’m blessed to have people in my life who have done some amazing things that have assisted me in getting my wings and going places. So many people have helped me to fly. I can go places and do a lot of the things I do today because of the people in my life who never gave up. My husband gives me wings to take off by supporting me, loving me and working so hard everyday. He’s a big reason why I fly so high. My parents have helped me become who I am. They have been instrumental in teaching me to fly. My children and brother help motivate me to keep going. They help me fly. There are countless friends who have made contributions in my life to help me ascend! Even my haters help me take off! Thanks guys. LOL. So my daily assignment is to keep going and be a source of strength and motivation that supports others to take off too!

This is why I can’t give up!

I can’t give up because it didn’t start with me! I can’t give up because the world is waiting on me to create and inspire and get what’s inside of me out! The dreams, the ideas, the words of encouragement are not supposed to die in me. The same is true for you today! You have something important inside of you. Inside of you is a vision that’s original. It’s unique and incredible and it’s definitely going to make a monumental impact on this earth. It’s so important and valuable, and it’s going to help people fly.

The Wright Brothers teach us that being a pioneer is not easy and it’s seriously risky business! Ironically, one of the Wright brothers not only goes down in history (no pun intended) for helping to make the first airplane; but he was also the first to die in an airplane crash. See that’s how you know you were born to do something great. When you’re not afraid to die doing it! Find what you love and are so passionate about and do it! Do it like you’re not afraid of the outcome. Do it like you’re not afraid to crash and burn. Do it like you don’t care if people support you. Do it and let it never be said that you were afraid to fail.

I’m ready to do what I was born to do no matter what the outcome, even if people call me crazy or stupid. I’m actually more afraid to die never trying. Any pioneer who’s doing something monumental is going to do whatever they have to do to make their dream a reality. What do you have to lose anyway? You’re going to be known for something either way, whether it’s flying or crashing.

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2 thoughts on “Take Off!

  1. Danielle Whitehead says:

    This is so good! You can’t Focus on flying and falling at the same time… I’m centering my attention and efforts on flying!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your focus has become more and more evident! Keep flying high! I see you and I’m inspired by your resilience and determination!!!


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