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It’s almost impossible to travel on most airlines these days without having to cough up hefty baggage fees. And it’s funny because after you pay around 50 bucks for your luggage to travel with you to your destination; you would think the people handling your bags would have the decency NOT to be outside the window of the plane throwing your stuff around the way they do. After one trip we took, I got my bag back and it was literally ruined,..beat up battered and bruised. My poor bag was in total disrepair! My formerly clean, unblemished bag that I gave them in one state, was returned to me almost unrecognizable. And why was my luggage all tattered and torn? Because someone who was handling my stuff thought it was okay for them to take their frustrations out on my bags. I call them the bag mishandlers.

This actually got me to thinking about how so many people go to work each and everyday. The same people who wake up and get dressed and drive their automobiles to the very job they asked for and when they get there; watch out, something or someone is going suffer the wrath of what’s happening emotionally on the inside of them. Sadly, it’s getting more and more scary what people are thinking about and meditating on. Revenge, payback and retaliation seems to be the way people are operating and many are even going to work like this cooking up evil in their hearts and minds. And what’s even more disturbing is that when some of these bag mishandlers get their hands on your “stuff” they can’t wait to throw it around and damage it (insert gasp).

This is going on a lot today, not only with my luggage but with your paperwork that’s in the hands of someone who’s holding the answer to your approval for your new place. To your name on the list for a scholarship or college acceptance. To the results of your exam or a serious medical diagnosis you’re scared out of your mind about. Even down to you leaving your precious children in the hands of a teacher at school. There are entirely too many people going to work mad and frustrated and ready to throw something you care about around when they think no one is watching. So many people have so much pinned up pain and are so angry inside that they go through life throwing people’s “stuff” around. And this kind of disgusting behavior is not okay! As a matter of fact, it’s downright despicable. There was a popular saying for one airline that said something like “come fly the friendly skies!” And yet many people have had experiences on many airline flights (and in life) that have been far from friendly.

My word of wisdom today for all who are part of my real life coach nation is, HANDLE everything you touch with care. And if for any reason you can’t, don’t touch it at all. Don’t “handle” people or their things if you’re not really going to “handle” them with care. Look up the definition of the word CARE and apply generously. Don’t act like you’re going to do anything that you genuinely aren’t going to do with love, passion and excellence. It’s frightening that we have become so disingenuous as a culture. Where so many people have mastered the art of being nice nasty. So many people are good at saying and doing the task, but what about doing what you do with the right attitude? Too many do what they do with awful, ugly SPIRITS.

Could it be that we have become such a phony culture that we think we are good at faking our way through every encounter? As if people don’t know you’re being mean and you’re clearly not in the right head space! As if you think people are so stupid that you can smile at them in their face and say one thing and when they turn their back, throw what matters to them around? I’ve even found that when you confront the “bag mishandlers” about the damage they’ve done; they’ll make excuses and try to pass the blame or even make light of their bad behavior. It’s still not okay!

Now it’s to the point that when I travel, I deliberately take as little of what’s valuable to me as possible (insert praise dance). I take things I’m not going to be upset about getting damaged or lost. Why you ask? Because I don’t want what’s precious to me to be mishandled by the “bag mishandlers.” I don’t want the aggravated, miserable people that hate their lives and hate their jobs to even get a chance to touch my valuables. The bag mishandlers will never get their hands on my plans, my vision, or my future.

This has become my philosophy in life! I literally make it a point not to let unhappy people touch what’s important to me. I give the “bag mishandlers” aka the people who aren’t happy on this journey called life as little access to anything I care about. You can not and will not have close access to my happy heart, family, and life if you’re mad about your own existence. Why you ask? Because if some of the same miserable, angry people on this flight called life got a chance to put their hands on my “stuff,” I’m pretty sure they would do what they always do. What’s that you ask? Take out their misery by throwing my valuables around like bag mishandlers always do.

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